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Check out FlipTV!

hey guys!

here's wishing y'all an awesome 2014 this first monday of the year.

as its a tradition to always introduce new things for the new year,

here's my pick for you this new year.

Check out FlipTV!

a new online video magazine featuring the best of Fahion, Beauty, Music & Lifestyle. Its Free. No Subscription. No Contract!

some of the celebrity guests who has appeared on FlipTV are Blogger Bryan Boy,Fastionista Jeannie Mai, These Brittle Bones, Designer Kenzo, Ase Wang, Lisa ...Read more

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i know its been a while and i am sorry!

the most few months has been a roller-coaster ride and its only on its way UP!

coming soon on 13th Dec 2013, i will be launching my collaboration of an online channel.

FlipTV.Asia features Fashion, Music & Lifestyle segments in a very magazine-styled video anchored by 1 musician, 1 model and 1... well, Me.

so pls keep a look out for it!

its gonna be awesome. its gonna Flip.


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Blog: Thursday, Aug 8

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Blog: Thursday, Aug 8


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US Holiday

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so i've been missing for a couple of months only because i've really busy with work.so what's been happening?

well, i'm kinda done with the 1st quarter of 2013.

finished co producing my 1st Talkshow project,

which i co hosted too.

3 months of work done in 20 days of shoot.

and when that was done, i felt bored and useless.

so i decided to go on a holiday to the States.

5 weeks of America coming right up.


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Blog: Saturday, Apr 13

heard a Rumour about me goin around in HK...

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Valentine's Day...

happy valentine's day.a day set aside for all things lovey dovey and stupid.how many people do you know have planned proposals for today?how many girls have high expectations from boys who are not even their boyfriends?husbands have to worry about 1 more day besides their wife's birthday & anniversary.and most bouquets look like wreaths.it's nice to be in love.

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The Impossible

today i watched The Impossible.a movie based on the true story of a family catch in the 2004 Tsunami.i cried.because i saw how the poor didn't see color or riches.how helping a stranger can change lives.where hope is the only thing you need.being brave is what you have to be.when letting go is not not an option.and when love is a Being.

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go Eat!

3 days into the new year i have stuffedmy face, mouth and stomach with Food Food Food!so much so that someone asked if that's my new year's resolution.bitch.all i'm gonna say is this,''eating is not a sin. greed is.''''if you're gonna eat, you might as well eat good.''''don't ask fat people where to find good food.they don't know.''''a long queue doesn't always lead to good food.''''uploading food pictures & talking about it doesn't make one an...Read more

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