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我現在的狀況是隨時都會生小孩 - 這讓我又開心又害怕!雖然我知道平常的我都看起來(或是給大家的感覺)很勇敢或是什麼都不怕。平常工作或是忙的時候, 的確是不太會想太多應該如何變成一個好媽媽或是怎麼把寶寶生出來。 Shit is starting to get real. Well, not as real as the literal real shit that’s going to come out once the baby makes his/her entrance into the world, but you know what I mean. I could pop any day now and that both excites and TERRIFIES me. I know I put on a strong courageous face normally and honestly, when I’m working and busy, I tend not to think too much about what it’s going to be like to be a mom or to go through labor.

但是最近,我真的被 “生寶寶”這件事有一點嚇到。我目前希望用...Read more

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RT @tweetfromgeorge: Swaddle Practice with George. Judges:Mother in law; @janetfuntaiwan. This is what my weekends are like from now on. #W…

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😍Ideal vs Reality 😂 😘理想 與 現實 😝

George Young ❤️

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把脈真的可以看得出來小孩的性別嗎,大神 張鈞甯Ning Chang小姐?謝謝你跟 吳青峰 來探我(們)地班!南極團又集合了... 少了你喔蘇打綠小威 時間這麼過了這麼快啊?! #38週

Mini Antarctica reunion!! So, is it REALLY possible to tell the gender of the baby just by feeling my pulse!!?? So... what's the result?! Boy or girl?!

38weeks #pregnant George Young

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George Young 已經開始練習把寶寶“包起來“像一個墨西哥捲。。。 我真的覺得我們完蛋了!

Swaddle Practice With George... I think we're in BIG BIG trouble.... #Week37 #DaddyInTraining

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收工了!!今天是最後一天的工作了... (為什麼有一點捨不得又停不下來的感覺)好吧,現在這能乖乖的等寶寶出來跟我們見面!Last day of work before our (not so little) 👶🏻 makes its grand entrance into the world... I guess all I have to do now is patiently wait... what to do ... what to do?

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誰說孕婦們不能跳舞?!😎 Who says pregnant women can't dance?!?! 😆😙💃💃💃💃 今天快閃活動大成功!謝謝所有的勇敢,可愛,瘋狂,性感的媽咪們今天讓我也可以跟你們一起完成生寶寶前的夢想!Keep up the spirit and energy ladies! Looking forward to healthy deliveries for all of our babies :)

特別謝謝我親愛的Renee!What would I EVER do without you?!?!?! 😍😘😭😭😍😘

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小秘密:我跟寶寶今天有一個好玩的小表演...這次是我生產前的最後一次的公開活動喔!你們要來看看嗎?就是今天在台北車站大廳18:00-18:30. Who wants to come and play with me and the bump on our last public event today?! See you at the Taipei Main Station between 6-6:30pm for our little surprise "performance"!! 😜

37weeks #pregnant

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November 25, 2009