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When your parents ruin your first selfie... 爸媽,幹嘛破壞我第一次自拍照片呢?

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Oh man, it is tough going back to work when you’re still only getting 2 hour intervals of sleep at night.... but I’m hanging in there! Literally, since this is also my job! Haha. #ilovemyjob 今天早上真的有一點點難起床,有其實晚上因為還在情喂所以最久只能睡2個小時...但是能夠有這種刺激好玩的工作,我還是覺得我好幸福!#workingmom #funtaiwanfirsttimer TLC 瘋台灣 Fun Taiwan

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新年快樂🍾🎉🎊🎈🎆!!大家玩得很開心嗎?新的一年來了,時間怎麼過得那麼快啊!對2018有什麼期待呢?我們想要跟你們分享一個新的小故事[Harold The Homing Pigeon],是George自己寫的喔!而且今天有位特別來賓喔! Happy New Year from our little family to yours! To start off 2018 (I can’t believe it’s already 2018!!!), we would like to share another story with you, written by George Young . Hope you enjoy it! For more stories, visit www.jollygoodkangaroo.com

感謝已經訂閱本網站的大家!我們會不時的寄出神秘小獎品給你喔!Thanks for subscribing!

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Happy New Year! 新年快樂🎆🍾️🎉🎊🎈🎆✨🌟🎉🎊🍾🍸🥂

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Well it’s been an awesome, wild and crazy 2017... See you soon 2018!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

一個超級棒跟瘋狂的2017年結束了... 期待2018!新年快樂!!!

George Young

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  1. WOW. Just wow. Thank you.


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如何避免汽座惡夢 How to avoid car seat nightmares

我們永遠都忘不了Egan第一次搭車,重點是,那是我和George第一次試著安裝嬰兒汽車安全座椅。那整個安裝的過程根本就像我在分娩生寶寶時一樣又久又痛!(好的我知道我浮誇但我們真的覺得好像花了一輩子的時間才裝好) We’ll never forget Egan’s very first car ride...and more importantly: the very first time George Young and I tried to install a car seat. It seemed to last just as long and was just as painful as the delivery itself (ok, so I exaggerate, but it felt like forever)

那天是我生完Egan後要離開醫院的第一天,也同時是Egan第一次見到外面的世界。可能是因為我們睡眠不足,或是因為有了寶寶而太興奮(又或者是兩者的綜合),事情真的不像我們計畫的那樣簡單。George和我每一個步驟都大,錯,特,錯:沒有拉好安全帶;安全帶拉得太快;Egan開始大哭我們就跟著開始...Read more

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Someone is happy that Ama is back!! 阿媽回來了!看看誰最開心!

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今天開心跟朋友邊吃邊聊邊便(😅Egan👼🏼)! 恭喜 Ariel Lin林依晨弟弟👨🏽‍🍳開了新餐廳「羽樂歐陸料理」😋也恭喜 楊千霈 Pink Yang快要加入媽媽團隊🤰🤱🏻!加油! George Young

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Merry Christmas from my parents... they’re freakin’ AWESOME!!


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