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George Young 的未來嗎?太厲害了!

#dadgoals Daddy better start practicing!

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This is what Egan looks like after a bath. He does not like baths... 這個是我兒子洗澡的表情...他不喜歡洗澡.... what to do? What to do? 這麼辦?

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Hi! I'm officially #3weeksold and @astros 's smallest fan! #goastros

你好...我已經3週了!很愛吃,不愛睡覺,胖到4150g了,大便很臭,屁很香!… https://t.co/115lebl4SA

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Hi! I'm officially #3weeksold and Houston Astros ' smallest fan! #goastros


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😂😂😂😂 #maybeineedanap #postpartum #icantstoplaughing

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I know you all think you have the best husbands ever, but I'm here to tell you that you’re wrong. I have THE BEST husband and baby daddy ever and here’s why. 妳們可能都覺得妳們的老公是最棒的, 但是我現在要大聲宣布: 你們錯了, 的老公是最棒的老公也是最棒的爸爸。為什麼呢?我告訴你。

At Dayeh, they try teach you everything you need to know about the care of yourself and newborns. So far, we’re into week two and George and I have split up the baby responsibilities quite evenly I think. Here’s the breakdown: 在 大葉產後護理之家 ,護理師都會教你所有需要學的關於照顧自己跟你剛生出來的寶寶。到現在,Egan兩個禮拜大了,而我們照顧寶寶的責任也已經分配好了。我覺得滿平均的。 這個是我們的工作分配...Read more

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WOW! I can't believe how BIG and pregnant I was just a couple weeks ago! 天啊, 時間過的好快喔!沒有辦法想像我上上個禮拜肚子還這麼大!今天要告訴你們: 有好消息!!!! (NO! I'm not pregnant again... are you CRAAAZY?!?! 不是又懷孕了啦。 你瘋了嗎?!)如果你跟我一樣常常出國去美國旅遊的話, 現在台灣人可以申請全球入境Global Entry!Good news for all Taiwanese citizens - you can now apply for Global Entry into the USA. I have it and #GlobalEntry is the BEST THING EVER. You get to #skipthelines and get out of the airport, and most imporantly, get to In and Out before anybody else.

Also, American citizens are now eligible for Taiwan's e-Gate Progra...Read more

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A parent has to make a lot of decisions before the baby is even born. I know George Young and I did a lot of research on everything - from the type of labor, to the more important things (like what is the absolute BEST infant nose snot sucker, best tasting edible nipple cream, etc), and of course: cord blood banking. 一個新手爸爸媽媽在小孩還沒有出生之前有很多要考慮的事。我知道我跟George兩個研究很多關於所有該研究的事。比如說: 選擇生產方式、最好用的鼻涕吸引器、最好吃的奶頭乳液、然後,當然,關於臍帶血保存。

Like many parents, we weren’t sure exactly was involved in cord blood banking. Or even what it meant to be honest. We were unsure if it was someth...Read more

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我懂.... 真的懂... Yeah... that's about right... 😬😒😖

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那些關於產後妳所不知道的事: A few things people don’t tell you about postpartum:

The baby is out of your belly. Yay! But you will still look about 3-4 months pregnant. Sorry. 寶寶終於出來了,那肚子應該平了吧!但是對不起,妳還是會看起來像懷孕3-4個月。

You may not instantly bond with this alien looking like thing which just came out of your coochie snorter. And it’s OK to not feel that instant love. For me, it was like who is this thing? 妳可能不會馬上愛上剛剛從妳的妹妹蹦出來的寶寶。 沒關係!對我來說,我第一眼認真看著寶寶的時候心裏的OS是 “你是誰啊⋯⋯?“

You are so sore EVERYWHERE. From the labor itself (body convulsing during contractions, pushi...Read more

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