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First time

First time blogging on alive not dead. I'm one of those.. that can't feed my thoughts into words, write them out for others to read.

I mean i was one of those with a diary (which i still write once a in while - usually when something sad happens. One never seem to write bout happy things.. okie me not necessary others. But dwell on sad stuff. Morbid)

Hmm how should i start....

Guess here is a perfect place to share bout creativiting and works..

besides acting and hosting.. the other creative outlet i have is jewellery making. the current obession is with shrinky dinks or shink plastics.. its really cool.. draw on the plastic, bake it (where it will shrink and harden) and ta-dah...

you can create rings (my current fav), pendants, earrings.. anything u like..

will try and post some pics of completed works.. the rings are currently being test-driven by friends.. who will brave it all (i.e. possible ink on their fingers - though it should not happen after i've varnished it.. though i did have one poor victim, ann, who tried the rings before i had foresight to varnish the thing. hee hee)



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welcome Jacqueline! hope you enjoy your blog. share some pics of your creations!
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