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Liao Zhai Rocks!

Poster credit: Lim Yu Beng :)


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Fight club

Total new found respect for people who do action movies.. and actually do their own stunts.

So the agency decided its time to send the artistes for some fight training - mix of boxing and muay thai.

Whilst its very interesting.. i think i over-estimated my once a week yoga body.

Obviously i was so so so unfit. I mean after the first lesson, i felt aches and pains in places i never imagined. I was walking around looking like a duck, yelping while taking a step. In pain.

But the cool thing is.. you can to learn all th...Read more

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First time

First time blogging on alive not dead. I'm one of those.. that can't feed my thoughts into words, write them out for others to read.

I mean i was one of those with a diary (which i still write once a in while - usually when something sad happens. One never seem to write bout happy things.. okie me not necessary others. But dwell on sad stuff. Morbid)

Hmm how should i start....

Guess here is a perfect place to share bout creativiting and works..

besides acting and hosting.. the other creative outlet i have is...Read more

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July 19, 2008