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In response to Nicholas Tse's stolen tortoise

In response to Nic's blog: MISSING FRIEND!!!!!


I heard that news long ago. Even the news didn't mention i knew that was Nic's tortoise. The Aldabra tortoise is a giant, primitive, ancient species together with the Galapagos tortoise. These tortoises have their value on the trade, i mean pet trade. Alda...Read more

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Another shooting for Snakes Catching

A couple of pics while shooting wild snakes today. Another harsh and wet day... and got bitten 4 times in 5 seconds.. (sounds so typical of i, therefore it ain't so much surprising people).


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Wolf Snake

Just found a little legless fellow a while ago during enjoying a house party in Mt Cameron Road, the Peak. It is a juvenile Wolf Snake. Probably it was the yummy, fleshy geckos that attracted it to come into the backyard of the house. This little fellow was fleeing so swiftly from my hands. It almost managed to get into somewhere to hide completely. Finally I grabbed it but was offered a speedy bite resulting another pair of tiny pinholes with blood on my hand.

Common Wolf Snake (Lycodon aulicus), or 白環蛇 in chinese, is a medium-sized, non-...Read more

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Another sad story about reptiles

i'm here to tell everyone NOT to call police, AFCD or any government department if you encounter a lizard, snake or any reptiles in HK. It only puts the animal to the blind alley. There have been so so so many animals (not only reptiles but even cats and dogs, birds, cattle and horses, etc) died in the government's animal control center unnaturally.

i ain't free at the moment to explain the long story. will do when i am.

here's the news:



200...Read more

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Talking animals at RTHK

Here's the link: http://www.rthk.org.hk/rthk/radio2/Givmme5/20080704.html

please note that was just the next day after i survived from the accident. i wasn't back to normal yet so i looked and sounded a lil bit nerdy.. :)

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Close to death

Living in a city doesn't seem to be safer than being naked alone in an african or south american jungle..

Last sunday i went back to the baseball pitch after so many years. Right after i left the pitch i encountered another incident that put i so close to death. Reckoned back repeatly in all circumstances it shows that if i were 0.1 second slower i would have been more than heavily crushed. It's the thrid time in life i was real close to death, not including those snakebites or other animal attacks.

i survive, but i wil...Read more

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A baseball movie and a baseball boy

Ain't use to express mine through writing much, let alone writing some not about animals. but everything has its first time.

After feeding my snakes in another gloomy rainy dusk i bumped into an ad of a local indie-looking movie. It was the baseball theme that caught i at the very beginning, as i've been in a baseball team since i was a kid. Later on when i heard it's based on the stories by and performed by the Hong Kong Baseball Team players i kept this movie in mind - City Without Baseball (無野之城).Read more

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Reptile House at school

We were invited by a local chinese secondary school to build a Reptile House for educational use.

We made good use of the given limited room and budget to establish naturally decorated environment in the Reptile House for over 30 not-so-common animals of different kinds, including insects, spiders, arachnids, salamanders, frogs, toads, turtles, tortoises, lizards, and of course snakes.

Students will be benefited and able to learn lively from it regarding biology, ecology, and conservation of wild animals. Students can ...Read more

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Komodo dragons in PNG?

These days the local news is largely occupied by the Edison scandal.. but I am just attracted by a piece of unusual news that would interest the minority I guess.

Ok... here's the news from ABC:

09/02/2008, Komodo dragons on the loose near PNG city of Lae

Several Komodo dragons are reported to be on the loose in the country around the city of Lae in Papua New Guinea.

The Post Courier reports villagers and city residents are calling on authorities to kill or recapture the gi...Read more

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White's Tree Frog

The White's tree frog (Litoria caerulea), also known as Dumpy tree frog, is a rather large tree frog with a stout body. Adult females can reach about 4 to 4.5 inches in length, whereas males are more likely to be around 3 inches.


Its scientific name, caerulea, means blue color in Latin. However, only a very small minority of White's treefrogs appear as blue. Instead, they are usually seen as dark or bright green. Their skin has a mixture of green and blue pigments with a layer of yell...Read more

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