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Husky for adoption

This beautiful 3-year-old Husky girl is looking for a good home.

She is pure-bred, bi-eyed, spayed, vaccinated, chipped, and lives well with other dogs as well as children.

 If interested please give me some basic info of you and your environment.  You can see her in Sheung Shui.

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2009 is a year of bites

17 Feb 2009

I can't remember how many times i've got bitten in 2009.. In my career, probably, reptile bites appear to be kinda typical for me but right now it seems a lil bit too much. it's just the second month of 2009 but have already been bitten for times. Every single time i see droplets of blood. Snakes, lizards, even a domestic cat rewarded me a nasty bite when i was catching him...

Just recovered from a venomous bite in Jan for a while. Last week I got bitten again by a monitor lizard in a presentati...Read more

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Oops I did it on you Isabella..

My lizard got too excited and made a big poop on Isabella Leong. :)

probably the poop brought her luck - this was 3 years ago

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Gila Monster

Many people think that colorful lizards are the venomous ones. This is one example of the many misunderstandings towards lizards in general people's knowledge. There are 5,000 species of lizards in the world but only 2 are truly venomous. The Gila Monster (Heloderma suspectum) is one.

But in fact, these monsters are not so harmful as they sound like. My experience tells that so many non-venomous lizards can hurt people worse than the Gila monsters do. The venom is a neurotoxin similar to that of a western diamondback rattler, but bit...Read more

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Who ate a toe of Sharon Stone's husband

Often in a conversation of animals when it comes to lizards I would easily heard of 2 words - Komodo dragon. Yesterday a 7-year-old easily told me some good facts such as it is the world's largest lizard, it is a carnivore, it is highly endangered and endemic to a small region consisting of the komodo and a couple islands nearby, a naughty one ate a toe of Sharon Stone's husband, just to mention a few. Without doubt, this mighty fearsome dinosaur-like beast is among the most well-known lizards to everyone&#...Read more

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A warm day with cold friends

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Reptiles in the frontyard in a warm sunny afternoon

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2009 New Year Doggies

Lately i'm dealing with many warm-blooded's.. and at the moment 3 baby giants have joint us. They are like all typical rottweiler puppies i've handled, but every single one is so different. Dealing with warm-blooded's is a totally different way.

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Terrible start of my 2009- parrot lost

2009 started like this.. Watched fireworks on the nice roof of IFC. Pretty good start but then nothing's been better afterwards. Pissed off by various groups of folks in the morning and another in the afternoon.. not to be mentioned here.

About 3pm kinfolks came over my place for fun and watched some animals. Reptiles are my main dish but for them they like the warm-blooded more. One of the feature is my parrot in a 6-foot opened-cage and walking through the house on the horizontal ropes i put around. The p...Read more

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2009 ain't that bad

is it a plane? no. is it a superman? no. it's a BIRD!!! the parrot is back finally!! he didn't flew back, but walked back.. after alot of effort and different tricks.. lastly, i climbed OUT of the roof and used a long long stick and got him stand on the stick. and got him back. he then walked on my shoulder and then back to his cage. now he's eating and basking in the sun.. big relief. thanks everyone who concerned about this. Well now i say 2009 ain't that bad.

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