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Just Released My 20 Dating Secrets Special Report! For FREE!

What up guys,

I just released my digital special report titled "20 Dating Secrets" 97% of Men Worldwide Don't Know About Women.

Just one of my first few giveaways online in digital format.

There'll be more products releasing soon... however here's one to support all the guys out there to further their understanding about women.

Ladies, you are also more than welcome to check it out !

You can download your copy right away now at:

...Read more

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LUXLIVIN "Reign Supreme" Classic Streetwear Polo Photoshoot

What up everyone! I've been behind with my blog updates lately, but faring quite well on http://www.streetwearxhiphop.com   Shame on me! lol.

To keep everyone updated, I just got a new offer to manage a club (IBIZA) here in Bangkok, plusI've got my usual routi...Read more

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LUXLIVIN Luxury Streetwear Collection

"A premium business streetwear with a corporate focus and edge. We not only support the spirit of movers and shakers, but also up and coming power players. All articles are designed with a street/corporate savvy saying."

We represent a lifestyle brand aiming to inspire and give power to the community. Call it a dedication to all go-getters, business-minded & overachievers; for those who put in work to shape a better tomorrow. It's not just about financial gains; it's aboutgaining more perspe...Read more

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Valentines Day .. Drum Rolls.. What Are Your Plans?

Well, I don't really have any jaw-dropping, firecracker dazzling idea planned at the moment.. so I thought it would be interested to turn here and see what you guys have in mind for your special someone!

Feel free to share your thoughts!

I'll be back to update this entry once something spectacular surfaces..

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Streetwearxhiphop.com Officially Launched!!

What up guys! Happy chinese new years to all of you!

Just wanted to keep you guys posted on what I've been doing..

I've finally upgraded LUXLIVIN's old blog to  Streetwearxhiphop.com


It'll now be a subsidiary project of my company LUXLIVIN Entertainment.

Go check it out when you have time =)

I've spent the past few days brushing up my understanding on cs...Read more

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2 Guaranteed Ways To Find Streetwear Clothing Success For Your Brand!

You're probably looking at this article post because you're either: The owner of a startup clothing line; A passionate marketer for a particular streetwear or urban clothing company or you are just hungry for knowledge.Well, consider this article your golden nugget; an absolute food for thought. I'm about to share with you my secrets on achieving success inside today's unforgiving fashion business. I will discuss you with you in detail, my step to step model I implemented t...Read more

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Day At Dusit Zoo Bangkok With My Girl & Sister

LOL. I took my girl + sister out to the local city Dusit Zoo Park in Thailand today.. check out the amusing animal poses.


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LUXLIVIN Turns 1 Year Old. The Story Of Our Company Growth

What up guys, it's officially been a year since the birth of LUXLIVIN. I just wanted to extend my respect & support to everyone out here putting in their hard dedication, sweat, and time into their clothing businesses; I know there are many designers on board at aliveordead.com , so do share your story =)

So, I thought it would be helpful if all owners/...Read more

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How To Really Make It Big In The Music Industry Today!

You should know by now, with the unending technological advancements, the ways to make or break it inside the music industry has forever change; and it will always be changes. Either you adapt or be left behind like roller skates.

I’m still surprised though to see how many people are still glued to the outdated paths and beliefs to musical success. This includes su...Read more

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Just started my companies LIFESTYLE FORUM!

What up guys! I've started two new exciting online projects.. one of them being the launch of LUXLIVIN's Lifestyle Forum !

All about hip hop, streetwear, business, and dating! I hope to see you there =) Get in touch with the the LUXLIVIN community.

Check on it when you have the time=) http://luxlivin.forumotion.com


Have a great ...Read more

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