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What up guys.. I hereby would like to announce my .. brand new single "MICROWAVE"

Now, do remember, I started out as a rapper.. and now have ventured into the roads of singin =)

check on it & let me know what you think =)

For those of you in Singapore.. I'll be performin at the Cultural Arts Center from 1st to 8th! Check on the SUTASI program!

Here's the link to "MICROWAVE"

http://www.my...Read more

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Just uploaded LUXLIVIN's Women's Collection!

WHAT UP LADIES! Our official women's line will all be up for grabs this month!!! Mark my words & start saving =) We got broad range of designs: V necks, Crew necks, Sleeve to Sleeveless T-Shirts all ready to meet you & make your day! Products will be uploaded before this month ends at our ONLINE BOUTIQUE:


http://www.luxlivinonline.com<...Read more

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Goals on a Roll

What up world. My Hiphop music & streetwear fashion company LUXLIVIN ENT. will be celebrating it's first birthday this October.

Well, before the cakes and parade take place, there are several things I have to wrap up.

  1. Successfully launch the women's line; currently featuring over 20+ designs.

  2. Sell 10 pieces of semi-precious stones from my LUXLIVIN Jewelry collection (just launched)

  3. Secure 5,000 hits daily for LUXLIVIN's Official Website which also just surfaced to the n...Read more

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Nonstop Dedication To Work

Yep, enslaved by the beauty of work.. that's what I'll be dwelling bout on my next line.

I love work. It moves me, makes me feel productive; allows me to live how I want to live.

Who shares the same story?


Btw, http://www.luxlivinonline.com will be available for viewing this week. it's the grand launch baby.

Get at it!

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CEO, Artist, Producer, Designer of LUXLIVIN Entertainment &amp; Midas Reach (Digital Marketing Co.) allurrewang.com luxlivinonline.com midasreach.com Wh


August 15, 2008

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