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New Designs Preview! Season 6 Collection!

Please share your thoughts and opinions! they are all welcomed!

I prize it highly in fact. Chime in.

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LUXLIVIN Season 6 Collection Preview - What Do You Think?

What's good everyone.

Here's a look at what to expect from LUXLIVIN Premium Business & Luxury Streetwear's Season 6 Collection!

Please share your thoughts. Love or hate, it's all good. Honesty is policy.

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[Funny Video] Indestructible Crazy Monkey Fears No Death

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rJ8pk0qhZNI

Crazy Monkey!

Check this out Smile Just uploaded. Took this a couple months back, but I believe he deserves some vanity fair.

The Monkey does not fear death.

Enjoy :)

I'll be stocking more vids from my camcorder shortly.

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Numbers That Define Me!

I own over 25pairs of sneakers, but only 2 are actively worn.

I have donated over 150pieces of personal clothing (unworn, new)

I alternate between 4Visa cards for business expenses and personal spending.

I have 3 watches that I wear in rotation.

I run 1 company. LUXLIVIN.

I own over 5 authority websites online.

I have 1 girlfriend.

I am 22years of age.

I sleep at least 8 hours daily – to stay in shape and fully vitalized for the coming day of work.

I fini...Read more

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3 Ways To Build A Strong Emotional Connection With Women

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Hey everyone. I recently posted this on one of my personal blogs dedicated to helping men with their dating success:http://www.absolutedatingtips.com**** Read more

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Got 1 Minute? Please Vote For Me on SUTASI :) Prize Included!

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Hey guys,

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I’ve got a major favo...Read more

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LUXLIVIN Premium Business & Luxury Streetwear - Season 5 Collection 2009

What up guys!!!

LUXLIVIN's Season 5 Collection IS FINALLY out-the-oven!!

Please share your thoughts!

Visit our store for close up shots!


I've also revamped my page with a new look!


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5 Indisputable Ways To Make A Woman Feel Understood In Relationships

What up everyone!

Here's my latest entry which I'll be posting up on my main dating blog for men. http://www.absolutedatingtips.com

Let me know what your thoughts are. They'd very much be appreciated!

*Make an effort.Letting your attention wander off while she’s talking and inserting ‘hmm’s and ‘okay’s at opportune moments isn’t the way to go. Actually listening to what she has to sa...Read more

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My Song "Asia" (Make History) Will Be On Oprah Winfrey's SHOW!

What up everyone!

I've got exciting news. Well more, exciting to me of course.

I just received an e-mail from my label AsiaSounds notifying me that my song "Asia (Make History) will be featured on Oprah Winfrey's Show This MONDAY!  L.A TIME!

The Show's called "The World's Got Talent" With Simon Cowell

Make sure you're at your screen! =)

Also, I've provided hot new footages of Bangkok's Finest Hip Hop ...Read more

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Just Released My 20 Dating Secrets Special Report! For FREE!

What up guys,

I just released my digital special report titled "20 Dating Secrets" 97% of Men Worldwide Don't Know About Women.

Just one of my first few giveaways online in digital format.

There'll be more products releasing soon... however here's one to support all the guys out there to further their understanding about women.

Ladies, you are also more than welcome to check it out !

You can download your copy right away now at:

...Read more

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