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Catch 'I Will Survive' OKTO Channel.

I've been getting busy and filming a new program for the new channel OKTO, it's an arts series called 'I Will Survive'. It's been really fun meeting all these artists and understanding their craft. From music to dance to photography to art paintings......... It's always nice to see people so involved in their passions and some of the talent out there should be showcased more to the world!

Here are some of the stills from an episode of the shoot.

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Mayhem. Mischief. Madness.

TVC Trailer

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cKUSwp_id-0 Pls watch in high quality on youtube!

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Do You Have The Time to Sit Down and Write a Rhyme?

8 Days magazine interview

A new show I'm acting in, WHAT THE BUTLER SAW by Joe Orten, starring Gerald Chew, Vernetta Lopez, Shane Marjudki, Timothy Nga, Vadi PVSS and myself!

This shoot commenced the new year. They came t...Read more

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It's My Party!

I just got back from Malaysia couple of weeks back, touring a show, and I must say Kualar Lumpur's response was very receptive! They sure have an apetite for the arts. But the highlight has got to be Penang's Char Kway Teow (fried noodles for the dialect challenged) at Jalan Kimberly. YUM! That's the real dish. If you're ever there, pls don't forget to make it a food stop!

With that, a meloncholic time of Christmas is around the corner, which means love, gifts and parties! I did a shoot with STYLE Magazine for t...Read more

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"I've become part of her crusade"

The past couple of weeks I've been surrounded by 9 very diverse women (as you can tell by the picture)- old, young, younger, single, married, gay, the list could go on. But instead, I'll let you watch this video to get a better idea.

We had an interview by The Straits Times interactive for publicity for THE VAGINA MONOLOGUES, performing an excerpt of the play. I...Read more

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Take a moment to breathe.

Wow, sometimes you get so caught up in the everyday bustle of (city) life you easily forget how important it is to keep your health up. I just came out of a major food poisoning escapade over the weekend and still suffering the consequences of it. With that, you just gotta stop working to pause and REST. So missed a photo shoot that day because of that and it's too hard to reschedule, so there you go, health beyond everything else comes out tops.

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2 months down to 2 weeks.

Hi all, once again thanks for the warm welcomes!!

My show opens tomorrow, so will be updating the blog soon! In the meantime, check out thisnew (somewhat) Spanish film by Antonio Banderas- Summer Rain.Fantastic performances. The basic story revolves around four boys in Spain in the 1970s, and Miguelito, a poet, finds his own make believe 'story' in the shape of his ballet dancer girlfriend Luli. The film basically raises questions about the length one would go to chase their dreams in an unconventional way,a reall...Read more

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Gearing up & Sweating it out.

Can't believe it's early august now. Rehearsals for my new production have been heating up, we open this Thursday, AH! This scrīpt has been quite a challenge for us. As i've realized when i mention the title to anyone, they have either read the book or seen the movie or done the text in school literature. .. It's such a famous book/movie on its own, yet so refreshing to bring our own take into this title, the show is 'To Kill A Mockingbird'.

We will be performing at Raffles Hotel, Jubilee Hall...Read more

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My first entry into the virtual sphere of BLOGS

Hi! Thanks for the welcomes. This is officially my first blog entry....  Exciting 'cos i dont think i've ever had a 'public' blog like this. A virtual diary, this will be interesting to venture in. I'll definetely be updating new pictures etc soon. In the meantime, still busy performing for the play MAMA'S WEDDING by ACTION THEATRE.  I can't believe the last run (in singapore) is tomorrow before we go on tour. Going to miss the girls, director Samantha Scott-Blackhall is a gem to wor...Read more

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