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Another inspiring, creative evening in the apple city

Amazing time at the Copper Square Hotel on Wednesday. It was a book launch for "An American Sculptor in France" by Dickson Eames, Photography by Christophe von Hohenberg.

Attended the event with Jeremy Hu from theWorks Gallery and Ivan Lee Mora, Glass artist (as below) and had a fabulous time talking art, life, acting and design with different peple. It's fascinating to me how people from various walks of life, backgrounds never cease to inspire each other.

As captured on Ne...Read more

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Summer Modeling in NY for NBC

Shooting for an NBC Summer Trend Modeling Segment in NYC. Check outblog.loefflerrandall.com to see more of this designer's amazing work.Link up soon!

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Catch my telemovie on the big screen this month in Singapore!

Catch 'Cooking Without Clothes' returning to a bigger screen at Sinema Old School after its feature as a telemovie for Channel U. Starring Ann Kok, Joseph Chiang and Elizabeth Tan.It was also nominated for Best Single Drama/Telemovie Programme for the 5th Asian Television Awards 2010 along with  telemovies from Japan, Taiwan and Korea. Don't miss it!

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Creating Photo History

It was an inspiring, creative time and an honor to work with one of the few (and by that i mean less than 6) 20x24 Polaroid Cameras left in this world. Thanks to Mark Sobczak, with Photographer David Hochbaum (http://www.davidhochbaum.com/), Art Director Ivan Mora (http://www.moraglassart.com) and Camera Technician Rikard Lindsted, it was a privilege to be part of this experience and we got some HUGE beautiful instant p...Read more

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UrbanGlass Casino Night Fundraiser

For those in New York! Come

check out the UrbanGlass Casino event on Friday @ the Steuben Gallery at Madison Avenue, and have some gambling fun! I'll be modeling one of the Beautiful Glass Corsets custom designed by artist Ivan Lee Mora. http://www.faceb...Read more

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History Channel Audition Tape

Sure some of you have heard of the History Channel Asia auditions couple of months back, you had to send in a tape of your reel or a short introduction of any part of the country/city you came from! Was shortlisted, met the big dudes and it was good fun going through the 3rd round of the audition, but they eventually went with a male host.

Either way, here's a clip of what I introduced, I always love this street for it's architecture and food, so this might be of some historical interest to you :) Had a good time...Read more

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To take a munch of the Apple.

Hello one and all!

A brand new year (well 2 weeks in to the new year) and I'd like to say it's been nothing short of an adrenalin, extremely intense, nerve-wrecking and exciting.

So I made the decision that has always been on my to-do list at some point in my life. To go to New York City to train in an acting school. Working on many projects in Singapore has taught me skills I can only be thankful for, and now I want to see what a new city can give me back. After much research, and auditioning with some s...Read more

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Currently based in New York City. The Chef《煮持人》- Selected for the Shanghai Film Festival'10. Film nominated at the 2010 Asian Television Awards for Best Sing

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