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7 Weeks in Indonesia

2010 started with a lot of new sour and sweet experiences. Reason I said sour and sweet and not "sweet and sour" was because this year did start with lots of sour experiences but thank God, it's time to dig in on the sweet stuffs.  2010年前半年發生了許多“酸甜”事件。我稱為酸甜是因為卻實發生了許多不太如意的事。 止於是那些事,談起也沒甚麼意思。 不如談談些開心事吧。托神的福,剩下的下半年該是開心的時候了。While it was supposed to be a 3 weeks vacation home, it lasted to 7 weeks. Starting from postponing for 2 weeks due to my dog, Tommy, getting sick to my admission to hospital for 5 days barely 14 hours befor...Read more

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May's Birthday celebration and Spontaneous Combustions' catch up dinner

Last night Spontaneous Combustion met up for a long delayed catch up. Everybody was there it was such a bliss to see everybody again. The food was great and it was also to celebrate May's birthday. I am sure she figured it out but she pretended she did not know at all. It was fun. Then we went on for a walk to the bridges... location scouting for Love Hurts or so we called it. Haha... when do we ever let a chance to work slip, huh? But here are some pictures. It was fun... : ...Read more

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Head shaving video ~ teaser

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tR611uyHvlc The real one is coming tomorrow~~~  Video: http://vimeo.com/8551233

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Getting Ready for BB~ Back to Basic, Bald and Bold, Baby!

Had an interesting idea on new year's night.. January 2nd called a few friends and so I went.....  Read more

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Melting heart

A very quiet morning.... I woke up around 3.36AM and haven't been able to fall back to sleep. Suddenly in my heart there is this.... mellow quiver. Recently, I have been puzzled with Titanic yet and again. The first I was mesmerized by this love story was around 11-12 years ago. Back when I first dated my first boy friend.  I have watched it at least 4 times since then. First time watching it, "How Boring?" I thought to myself. The bloody ship took 3 and a half hours to sink. I watched it with my then closest and best friend, Wula...Read more

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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas EVERYBODY! Yup, for some reason, I am missing the softer tender side of Yung Yung. Ever since working as a producer, I have been putting up a very tough side of me. So, on this Christmas Eve,  I just missed the loving affectionate side of Yung Yung. So, I got myself a long hair make over. I hope you guys like it. Some people who had never seen the long hair Yung Yung were totally blown away.  Well... I am glad they liked it though.  Read more

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Mark Leung: REVENGE OF THE BITCH (some pics)

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心魔首映 & 我的新發型

假如大家不知這個星期有什么電影好看的話,我鼓勵大家看看 ”心魔“這套戲。這套戲不但但好看那么簡單,它也帶了回到回憶中讀高一的我。當時,我也剛剛交第一個男朋。每天甜甜蜜蜜的,初戀的驚訝,快樂的時光。當時我和小女孩一樣的年紀,雖然我沒有逃學可是真的也被愛情沖昏頭了。不就媽媽就把我硬送到美國讀書,當時我也不肯。看著這個小女孩抱著男朋友的藥企這摩托車讓我回憶了當初的單純和純真。
If you don't know which good movie to watch this weekend, I'd recommend . It's playing at GRANDS, ELEMENTS. Not was it simply good, it brought back the nostalgic days from my 1st short High School Year. At the time, I was dating my first love. Everyday was a sweet day filled with anxious excitements from dating my very first boyfriend armed with...Read more

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My crazy hair change. I love it, I hate it

My long time hair growth, length: 15cm over my waist First cut and colour treatment (brown)2nd cut. Beij...Read more

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