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Facebook and other daily stuffs

Anybody play facebook? Since the new year, I have joined facebook and have played many of its different applications. I was not interested to add some applications like friends for sale till my friends reassured me time after time that it was fun. In the end, I added the application. Well... indeed it is FUN! There are many other applications like who has the biggest brain, owned and parking wars that are quite interesting as well. I added parking wars like few days ago. ^_^ Some people have score over 3million..... gosh... I ...Read more

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I was away for days to Bangkok. Had so much fun!!!!! How was your week people? I hope you guys had as much fun as I did. One night I had dinner at Sirocco, Dome. State Tower, Bangkok. The view was spectacular..... one of the most expensive restaurant in Bangkok. However the food..... was not worth the money. I guess the price was for the view. It was on 64th floor, open air.... with real life jazz band..... The Bangkok weather was just nice to have dinner outside on an open podium under the moonlight accompanied with bountiful stars overlooking whole...Read more

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I haven't cooked for a very very long time. I used to cook really well, so others said. I can't remember when I last cooked well, maybe around 10 years ago. I always think or you can so call believe, in order to cook well, I'd need a lot of love; at least so works for me. WIthout it, my cooking just tastes "awful". Without realising, I have stopped cooking for a very long time.

However, I have decided to cook again today. BIG RISK!!! Anyway,  I am cooking fish soup, scallop with bacon, french chicken with terriyaki sauce...Read more

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Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day everybody. Who'd be my Valentine? ^_^


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Thank you

Hi, I am so happy to read the messages that people leave me on my guestbook. THank you. First of all again... HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR to all and may this year be a prosperous year to all of us.

I have learnt to read chinese lately.... but only TRADITIONAL chinese writing.... T_T However, I am so happy still to read the messages even I can't understand fully when it is in simplified chinese.

Again... thank you guys!

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Bought a DVD

I was walking around Mong Kok last night when I passed by a DVD store. I stopped and looked around, I saw In Love with The Dead on top shelves, I told my friend, I was going to buy one. I realised lots of people bought the DVD or VCD, as they have it in their hands around the store. I can't help but smile to myself. Though my part in the project finished about there, yet, it's still my first project. Watched the "making-of" just now. I really have missed the crew. I hope everybody is doing alright. Chinese New Year is coming so...Read more

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Album on

Got the pictures back. Hope you guys like it.

Got a phone call yesterday, guess what? Got invited to Gala Dinner by Hong Kong Film Director's Guild.  AM

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Photoshoot by Lester Lee

Lester's spent 15 years of his life in photography and has won numerous awards for his work like British Design and Art Direction award, Cannes Lion Award, Hong Kong Institute of Professional Photographer Awards.

Just got a photoshoot done  by him last week. Would post them up as soon as I get the pictures back.

So.... Let's see if Yu+Lee= "surprise?"

EXCITEDDDD???? ^_^ I AM!!!!

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I finally got a good night sleep last night! ^_^

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In time like this

After the shooting of the movie "In love with the dead" I have had a rough time pulling myself together. I dunno, probably coz it was my first movie. I was anxious all the time and had been losing sleeps for months. The feedback in the end however was surprisingly unexpectable, especially for me. Like everything else in this industry though, progress goes slower than a snail race.

On last wednesday, I went to a temple in pheng zao to pray, my prayer was short, not like usual. I sat by the peer overlooking the oceans for ov...Read more

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