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Where I am now

Do you really wanna know where I am??  You don't, will i'll tell you anyways.  I'm currently at a friends house waiting to head up for the Fresno New Year, of course already I heard the weather is bad this weekend...cold, rain...this time of season sucks.  So, here i am typing away while they are getting ready.  Hmm, I should of stop by my co-workers place to grab a few drinks and laughs, i'm sure they are all have a blast. errrrrrr.  So where am I now? I mean in Life.  Hmm, lets see, still working at BCBG doing payroll, working 10hrs shift including some weekends..oh yeah lets not forget I also have to work holidays too...errrr...I guess the only thing that is keeping here is my lease..haha.  Funny how things turn out I'm actually ready to come back home.  I miss my house, my mama's food, my dog.  Geeze, LA sucks! it's only good if you have money to spend and people to spend it with.  Oh wellz.  My new years goals are:  as they were before.  1-To join some kind of fittness gym, 2-make more movies, 3-make more money!  later

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Los Angeles, United States
August 23, 2007