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bring the intensity....

What a blast... I walked for One Man Stand at the Sensory Fashion show at Cliq the other night.

  James said to me ... " I like the intensity.... I want INTENSITY !"   HAHA... so I reached within and and got into...... THE ZONE ....  HAHA...  VMZ  y'all  !!!

Dude... is that intense enough? 

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Marsha Yuan

Hey Y'all,

Went to Marsha Yuan's concert the other night at Backstage.  Wow! It was a full house and the music was amazing.  She's got a great voice and some sexy moves .... ( did you know she teaches pole dancing ... pole dancing people!!!!!)  Anyway,  I can tell you this ... she loves the movie Beaches...

Without Rob's expert eye Simon would have never gotten that shot!

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Are you reading about yourself?

So we're at Racks chillen and what happens to be on the table beside Jin...?

A magazine opened up to the page with his article...HAHA ... tell us a "goo jai" uncle Jin  ( all joking aside I'd do the same... if I had something written up about me too)

" What are you reading?"

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Horse Ballet

I MADE IT TO THE OLYMPICS..... !!!  Well ... I was spectator... at the Hong Kong site for the Beijing Olympics. 

I watched Olympic Dressage  ( kinda like a horse dance competition) which was quite interesting.  Actually it is sometimes referred to as Horse Bal...Read more

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Graze Amaze

I love Graze.  Cozy and comfortable with great food and drinks... with a twist  , plus the Devashard office is above and Spencer is pretty good at ping pong ( for a white guy haha)

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Pool and Beer Pong

you can do more than shoot some stick now...the beer pong fad is hitting your local HK pool hall...

Jin is fan and up for a challenge.


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READY... SET ... GO! The Amazing Race Asia 3

My bag is packed and I'm ready to go.  It's time people.... time to kick @ss! 

Hong Kongers around the world UNITE... support your team.  We need you!!!!

 Go and SIGN UP at : http://amazing-race-asia.axn-asia.com/index.php



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grrr no more scuffs!

 You know... people here don't respect other people's motorcycles!  They push and pull your bike outta the way just to squeeze their own bike in a spot.  DAMN...I've even heard of people's bikes being moved out of a spot and thrown into a ditch!!!! 

WARNING... unless you have a private spot or never plan to park your bike in a public one.... get ready for scuffs, scratches and tip overs!!!

I guess that's the price you pay for being able zip around and through traffic while parking for free everywhere...Read more

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Hey Y'all,

Check out my friend Simon Yin's trailer... and vote for it. 

These are his own words: 

"Yo, so I shot this trailer in Hong Kong and put it up on an online contest.  Here is the link.  you ain't got to watch it,  just vote for it!"


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Have you had your breakfast?

"Have you had your breakfast?"

"No, not yet...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...  " 

(no response, nervous laughing)

"(nervous laughing ) .... um well ok ...... so I'll see you then..."

Every morning people would be ask me in English if  "I've eaten my breakfast."... and usually the answer is "NO" I thought that people were going to invite me to eat with them or offer me a bun or something but no.... we just stand there nodding... 

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everything tastes good when it's deep fried... Check it out...my next project! www.cbfresh.com .... HAHAHA... !!!! VMC


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