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My Exhibition at Harbour City - Photo Share

<心遊記 Journey to your Soul> 迪嘉個人作品展 Solo Art Exhibition By Tik Ka

香港尖沙咀海港城海洋中心二階207號舖「海港城 • 美術館」

時間:8月21日 11:00 時 至9月6日 21:00 時

          永遠年青的多媒體創作人Eric So. 很少和自已的作品合照,這是其中一張 著多插畫師Peter Ng,記得他筆下的苦榮小苦妹嗎?  從街頭創作到畫廊參展,Graphicairline(TaT & Vi)都擁有著一股創作熱誠!  多媒體動畫創作人John Chan(貓室),低V裡暗露他的創作人物癲噹。  人氣漫畫家梁進,非常斯文有禮。      

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Very cool! I'll be sure to check it out.
about 10 years ago
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Lovely - just lovely. I adore your work! and what happened to that dark experimental swirly piece of art?????
about 10 years ago
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共喜共喜!很喜歡你可愛的作品! I wish I could visit HK at this time... Actually I've been this art space,Will(from made in HK)took me there before,so that I can imagine the view... and..I love the pic &quot;you and your paint&quot; so cool looking~:D
about 10 years ago
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Congrats! very special show!
about 10 years ago
good artwork
about 10 years ago
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pretty stuff!!!! congrats!!
about 10 years ago
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about 10 years ago
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Congrats on your exhibition. I love your work!
about 10 years ago


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