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In the running 4 Best New Actor

A friend of mine recently sent me a web article about the up coming Hong Kong Film Awards... and much to my surprise my name was listed as one of the 41 actors in the running for Best New Actor 2009..

Here's the link to the article: http://hongkongfilms.mysinablog.com/index.php?op=ViewArticle&articleId=2135665






最佳新演員基本要求為「須於參選年度前未曾以主角或配角身份參與任何電影演出;其參選的電影可多於一部,須屬是屆參選年度的香港電影;最佳新演員候選者可在一部電影中同時角逐『最佳男/女主角』或『最佳男/女配角』獎項。如有任何爭議,將交由金像獎董事局作決定。 」






For those who don't know my Chinese name... I'm 王朗然, 4th on the list.. hehe!... and I'm nominated for my performance in Trick or Cheat ( 愛出貓), which unfortunately, is still due for DVD release since it's been tide up with a court case involving defamation of tutor Kevin Ko. (Which in my opinion is quite silly... the guy should just learn to take a joke!.. ><) 

For those who didn't see the movie in cinemas, I played the part of Kau... and there was one scene where I became possessed by Heath Ledger's Joker character.. and that's where most of my acting was focused in this movie... I've read some articles online where some people seemed a little offended by the idea that Heath Ledger's death was played with in this movie... I just wanted to say that Heath is one of my favourite actors of all time, and I (and I'm sure the directors too) meant absolutely no disrespect to Heath Ledger.

Here's a shot of what I look like as the Joker!... hehe..

Although it's probably quite unlikely that I'd make it in the top 5 nominees in the end, I'm still extremely happy about the fact that my work is being recognized by some people out there.

 Hopefully things will just get better from here...

and finally, I'd like to say to Kevin Ko... "Why so serious??!"



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Awesome. Congrats! Yes, those tutors take themselves way the F too seriously...
over 14 years ago
wow ...
over 14 years ago
Photo 34128
over 14 years ago
I think that's amazing news! Lots of luck to you! ~
over 14 years ago


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