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A Gangster Undreaded!

OK... I guess it's about time I explained what happened to my dreads that I had for about 3 years.

To be honest, I still miss my hair now... even after 8 months.. But, it didn't go without a good reason.

About a year ago, I was asked by my good friend Frank Hui to help with his next independent film project... The biggest project he'll be directing yet... But what makes this project different from all the other films that we've been involved in, is that this one is something we dreamt of doing all our lives.. The reason being that ..  it's ACTION based...

Both Frank and I were born in the 80's and are huge fans of action movies.. This gives me the opportunity to play a lead role in an action film, and him to direct one... but this is no ordinary action movie in my views... Having watched countless action movies in the past we've come to realize that  many action ficks lack in drama elements, so in this project Frank tried really hard to incorporate drama elements to the film.

The movie is about a young man ( 阮平安 Nguyen Binh Ahn) that grew up in the Vietnamese refugee camp, who had troubles fitting in and making a living in the mainstream society when the camps shut down, and became a hired hitman with the triads.  During one of his jobs, he came across a young prostitute who reminded him of his little sister that died in an accident he blamed himself for all his life... The story goes on as he decides to rescue this girl from the slumps and bring new hope to her life... The story is about redemption, hope, and sacrafice.

This film also gave me the opportunity to work with some amazing people.


Producer: Shu Kei (舒琪導演)


Director of Photography: Zhang Ying (張穎)


Action choreographer: Jackson Ng Yuk-Sue (吳育樞 師父)


Got to work with 谷爺 (谷峰, Ku Feng) a second time. This time he plays a father figure to my role.

Although this is only an independent short film, the production is no less professional than that of a commercial feature. Frank even managed to get a hold of 2 times Best Actress and once Best Supporting Actress Winner Cecilia Yip Tong (葉童) to play a supporting role, which I must say was a little daunting for me having to play the male lead along side her.

Me, Cecilia Yip, and Director Frank Hui

So you see, I had no choice but to give my dreads the chops, cos hair grows back.. opportunities like this don't... XD

I still recall fighting to keep my dreads last time when Oxide Pang was discussing whether I should have them cut for Trick or Cheat... and I won.. hehe.. but for this, I was willing to allow them to do whatever they want with my hair without hesitation.. haha..


Kiki (Female Lead) and Me


with 文成 who plays the big baddie! hehe


Striking a Bruce Lee pose with Jeet Kune Do Sifu (吳永森 師父)


Here's Johnny (華仔) again who was one of the stuntmen for the film.


HK Stuntmen.. Respect!


The art and production team


Thanks everybody!!! I've learnt so much from this project.. Without you all, it wouldn't have been possible.

The film is in it's post production stage and I'll be sure to let everyone know when it's finished... :D




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Nice! Looks like a cool project. Look forward to seeing it! :)
over 14 years ago
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Kudos! Don\'t sweat the hair.
over 14 years ago
Very cool shot!
over 14 years ago


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