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Using Adobe Audition for Mastering Audio

I've recorded my guaranteed mega platinum hit song --- All the vocals, guitars, bass, drums, triangles, vibraphones, steel drums, violins, harp, did I forget something? Probably, but you get the idea.

Everything sounds perfect --- by itself.

But all played together? Mud... Fog... Clouds in My Coffee!

What sounds great by itself sounds like mushy oatmeal when mixed with other instruments. You don't want too many highs or lows in the guitar eq because they end up getting muddy with the bass and vocals... still searching for the optimal range.

I'm using Adobe Audition to mix those 67 tracks and master down to 2 (stereo)... It's a nightmare getting all the instruments to fit nicely into their own frequency range...

I suppose I'll have to get out a frequency chart and figure out my lowest to highest notes and then account for the harmonic overtone series and then run eq * 67 tracks! Say what?

There's gotta be an easier way to do mastering. Mastering is that mystical art that seemingly only few know how to do really well. Searching online gives a lot of cryptic advice that leads you nicely to their home page so you can ultimately pay them to do it for you...

After I figure out the best way, and that is, if it's before I'm 92 year years old --- I hereby promise to make a nice short video and upload it to my youtube channel:


Until then, keep thumpin' the lower frequencies... If the hair doesn't move on your arms, it ain't loud enough!

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