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Interview with Dov Simens


     A cool dude, AARON, sits across from an older, wiser, cooler dude,



               Hi Dov, I'm gonna play good cop and

               bad cop to get the real info that

               alive not dead members need to know

               about your clas...Read more

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For the past year, I've been deep in directing, producing and editing a feature film from my screenplay, GAME ON. You can find it here on Facebook.

And it's been a long, hard ride. So hard that I'm considering writing a book about it. If you think Mr. Coppola had it rough, you haven't seen nothing yet!

My dad said, "Aaron, after the film is finished, you might feel...Read more

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Brobots, Music & Casting

'sbeen a long time since I did that stroll on AnD!

~~~~~~ BROBOTS

I finally finished editing Brobots, a film I directed starring Andrew Ng, a fellow Official Artist on AnD.

When I bought a matching pair of JVC HD cameras in late 2008, i...Read more

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Merry Christmas and Happiest of all New Year's!

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Digger's Film

It's been an amazing past week working on Digger's film.

To all of the people I've met and worked with, you're the best!

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Day 2 Filming

Filmed hanging over the car,out of the car, climbing trees... anything to get that great shot.

It was a 10 hour day and we're all beat. Met Tammy Rhees, a really hard working actor. She's great to work with.

Andrew Ng did great as well. Can always count on him to give you 110%.

Too tired, must sleep. Happy Thanksgiving!


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Short Film Trilogy by Idol Films

Today Lawrence and I start filming his short film about a crazy personal trainer who haunts a housewife to disrepair.

We have a great cast put together and we're testing out using a bicycle in place of a dolly. We'll also be using a car...

Will be a lot of busy days and nights ahead. Watch for the updates here!


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Casting Call for Music Video

Key roles still up for grabs in a song about 'kicking back' at the swimming pool...

2-3 Professional women/men: Should look believable as a business professional, and able to wear a swimsuit without being overly modest. Late 20s - Early 30s caucasian/asian/black

2-3 University student females/males: Should look believable as a university student, and able to wear a swimsuit without being overly modest. Early 20s caucasian/asian/black

If you've already sent in your info from my facebook ad, plea...Read more

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Using Adobe Audition for Mastering Audio

I've recorded my guaranteed mega platinum hit song --- All the vocals, guitars, bass, drums, triangles, vibraphones, steel drums, violins, harp, did I forget something? Probably, but you get the idea.

Everything sounds perfect --- by itself.

But all played together? Mud... Fog... Clouds in My Coffee!

What sounds great by itself sounds like mushy oatmeal when mixed with other instruments. You don't want too many highs or lows in the guitar eq because they end up getting muddy with the ba...Read more

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Check out my new feature film! http://facebook.com/game.on.movie My Channel: http://www.youtube.com/overglobe


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Hong Kong
July 9, 2008