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Nadia interviewed on MTV 瑀希在MTV被訪問, 2008

MTV Invited me to be on their show “Dream,” where VJ Andy Chen did a 30 minute spot about Nadia and her dream (acting!).  Sneak peak in her yoga in the mountains!

MTV節目‘夢想’邀請NADIA跟VJ陳正飛+MTV觀眾份想她的夢想還有表演者的工課。 還有特別介紹她在戶外做瑜伽。

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Nadia hosts Press Conference for TBS, 瑀希主持TBS記者會,2006

TBS HostingTBS Press Conference

Hosting with Andy Chen for a Press conference for TBS, the marriage of CTS and PTS.   我跟陳正飛(阿飛)一起主持戶外記者會:華視電視台+公工電視台聯合到TBS:Taiwan Broadcasting Station。

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Nadia as Ice in “Short Eyes” NYC 2003

This is one of my most favorite, if not my FAVORITE character to play on stage, EVER.  “Short Eyes” was adapted for Female characters and I played one of the leads, ‘Ice,’ an African American lesbian woman who was in prison for selling MJ.  I learned Ebonics, history, gestures and even had a temporary panther tattoo and corn-rolls as my homework!!   I absolutely loved it.  Special Thanks to Sol Crespo for casting me. Read more

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Nadia in NYC Productions 瑀希紐約的演出 (2000-2004)

swasenduSwasendu: An original NYC Production 2002

swaasendu postcard nycRead more

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Taipei Times Press Release 台北時報新聞稿,2005

Taipei Times Press Release on VDay’s “Vagina Monologues,” report by Ho Yi, featuring Nadia Hatta as “The Moaner.”

台北時報新聞稿關於“陰道獨白”舞台劇表演。 作家:Ho Yi, 介紹瑀希。

TaipeiTimesPress 193x300 Taipei Times Press Release 台北時報新聞稿,2005台北報文章 Nadia on Taipei Times

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