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a virgin experience

I was summoned for voluntary questioning about the man that got arrested several days ago for flashing in public.

As in the previous entry, I made that "911 call" (110 in Japan) last week for encoutering a naked runner. (well, not completely because he had his running shoes and perhaps his socks on)

A couple of days later, I read on news that a flasher got arrested in the same district.

A day after the news, I received a phone call from the police station.

" This is the akasaka police statio...Read more

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the strange encounter

last night I was walking through the Aoyama cemetery.

It was only 19:15pm, not a late hour, so didn't really think much of walking alone in the dark.

So there I was walking down the hill in between the cemetery enjoying tunes on my i-pod.

Then comes this guy running up the hill.

(To come to think of it, he came out of nowhere.)

He came closer as he ran up the hill and right when he was passing me by, I realized he was butt naked.

I was like, "oh, he's running naked......(took...Read more

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can't believe!!!

my dog broke his other arm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

he was amost fully recovering from his left arm...

another surgery...

Back to lonely and worrying days.

he's doing fine and will stay in the hospital for another two weeks.

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Hong Kong memory

 I can't figure out how to copy paste pics anymore so I haven't been able to easily post up blogs...hmmm

trip down my short memory lane.........I love Hong Kong!

Sevens was great, tho if I ever go again, I'd like to try going down to the South stand and wear a funky outft (ex. akiba maid?). Didn't think the box seats were filled with bankers...

The food in HK is just fantabulistic.

My friend took me to Cipriani, Caprice, and the Chinese at the Peninsula, etc...

I think the most beautif...Read more

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shidare zakura

my favorite type of sakura.

one afternoon.

biking with Jaky:

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Sex and the City addict

sex and the city season 6 was playing on the plane!!

watched all of it...

how can I resist?

I own the dvd box set, and watched them countless times.

But I watched all of the episodes again.

Hence, thru the whole HK trip, I was sleepy...

baka! baka!

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spring blossoms in Roppongi Hills

beautiful combination of flowers at the entrance to Roppongi Hills.

feel like skipping and singing in a cute white dress...

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Sakura sakura sakura!

Obviously I was in my spring mood while I prepared my lunch today I shaped the grated daikon oroshi(radish) into cherry blossom!

I also used my cherry blossom shaped glass dish for the umeboshi(sour plum).

And took out my cherry blossom o hashi(chopsticks).

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My sakura nails

"Spring has sprung & the cherry blossoms are blooming, hanami season is here & parties are on the way (& so are the hangovers)"

I wanted Spring looking nails and so I put cherry blossoms on my nails!

Th...Read more

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080323_154052_ed.jpg Taifish (Pagrus major ) and Tai-chazuke.This fish is Japanese's favorite, as it represents happiness.

I'm glad I got to learn how to take the guts out...yup, it was pretty grotesque...

Things we do to become a good wife/mother??

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