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change HAS happened!!!

feels like Christmas and New Years all came at once!!!

What happened today gives tremendous amount of people incredible hope.


being in such a festive mood, I decorated my genkan with Christmas flowers,

and bought mysef an early Christmas present- SONY cyber shot:

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12 million yen cell phone!!

that's like $80,000HK !!

537 diamonds (18.34carat) embedded on platinum plate.

Tiffany×Softbank collaboration keitai.

only 10 to be sold in the market.


I MC-ed for the new Softbank cell phone models' press conference today and was amazed to see these premier models given out to two act...Read more

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Happy Halloween!

4,000 people joined our Halloween Kid's parade at the Roppongi Hills this year.

Each year, I'm so happy to see them kids wearing such adorable costumes! A lot of the girls wore Disney princess dresses and many boys had on dinosaur suits.

This year's outfit for the MC (me) was this:

(Jaky wore his tux and mascot-ed on stage)

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F1 Shanghai GP 2008

I really like Shanghai.  The Antique-Modern collaboration is ravishing.Rather than tearing down Neo-classic buildings, they are so good in remodeling, while keeping the good of history.I think Japan should look up to how they obtain the good of old-ness.My Chinese lessons paid off somewhat as even hotel limo drivers didn't speak a word of English.So my stay was much more pleasant than last year, or the year before. I've been making trips to Shanghai 3 consecutive years for the F1.Although it was random, this was the first time tha...Read more

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F1 Japan GP 2008

@Fuji Circuit.My 5th year to watch the race.This year is David Coulthard's last year as a racer so I insisted that I watch from his pit.Red Bull's gallery area is nice and equipped. Unlike the Ferrari pit, they have a big glass booth for the spectators and a provided fridge filled with Red Bulls!Unfortunately, David's chassis completely demolished right after the starting...I was so shocked I cried ...Read more

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World Judo Tournament 2008

I MC-ed for the World Judo Tournament in the weekend.  It took place at the Tokyo Budokan on Sunday.  Results?The Men's Japan team didn't even win 3rd place...It was a little sad for them to lose the Japanese sport in their home country...BUT!!!The Women's Japan Team won Championship!!!!YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kinda reflects how women in Japan are getting much tougher than men these days. Well, at least in terms of relationship.  (what do you say, mens?)Read more

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Since I couldn't make it to Spore F1, I had the honor to watch the MotoGP held at Motegi.

For you race fans, I added photos on my album page;)

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a happy vibe italian restaurant meets happy aloha people

went to Mario's new restaurant for the 4th time.

I love his restaurant, it's filled with happy vibes.

This time I took THE Hawaiian Ukulele player, Jake Shimabukuro.

(Japanese go-sei based in Hawaii)

I had the honor to get to know him through my interviews on J-wave a few years ago.

He's here again for his Japan tour.

Jake's the most appreciative guy I've ever met with a smile that takes you straight to Hawaii.

If you haven...Read more

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petite bling mac

So I got an imac.

It's quick and makes my life so much easier.

I petite bling-ed my imac:

you like?

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Best friend's B-day house party

I celebrated my best friend (for 25 yrs!!) 's 30th b-day last weekend. I cooked bruschetta, banya cauda, shrimp fries with original tartar sauce, pineapple pork, spinach salad with original dressing, pasta, and chocolate cake, ALL from scratch!! yup, was busy cooking and decorating my apartment for the whole day.But it was def worth it!!My friends loved the food, and were all so happy. Especially the birthday girl who thought she was meeting me at my place and then going to a restaurant! Her smile and joy was worth eve...Read more

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