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Welcome to the Wu family Newton!! Thank you so much elmwoodfarmllc kardelglobalequine gilmartinjimmy and Kiefer (… https://t.co/W787syEinb

EXCITING NEWS FOR ALL OUR HK CUSTOMERS! Spicy Lil Tofu has now partnered up with Honestbee.hk. We are back in business with a one time only restock of our best selling items due to popular demand by our HK customers. Give your tiniest loved ones the best with timeless pieces designed by us. Check out our last bit of collection and enjoy $100 off $300 with BEENEWG01for all new customers on honestbee.hk . . .

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@Dolaisa Well Bruce Lee and I are honored to have popped your screen kissing cherry! ?

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@michelemorrow @weitzly God I miss you crazy cat people!!

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@michelemorrow @weitzly Oh oh I know I know!! The one in the back. He definitely looks like the type who needs to be bribed for photos. ?

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Delicious dinner last night at Hell’s Kitchen in Las Vegas @caesarspalace . Thanks to chefmichelletribble , the win… https://t.co/jYVOo45bmj

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RT @calumx: don’t say anything, just retweet https://t.co/yqzYfUz9VL

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Wow! Guess I’m gonna have to up my child’s costume game this year. No more bed sheet ghost costume. https://t.co/RceBeULVH5

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RT @KellyScaletta: The perfect metaphor for November 6. https://t.co/9BWGMKoSwK

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I’m a Partner in Crème. I’ve been using Creme de la Mer for many many years. This cream has literally changed my skin. With ingredients coming from the ocean, it keeps my skin deeply hydrated and reduces my dry lines and wrinkles. I especially love using it on my long haul flights when the airplane air can really dry you out. I just love this stuff!!

LoveLaMer @Lamer

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