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RT @StephenKing: Come on, chickenshit, if you're man enough to drop a mega-bomb on Afghanistan, you should be man enough to release your ta…

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RT @Bakari_Sellers: Just so we understand @IvankaTrump's influence is able to initiate military strikes in Syria but not protect women's ac…

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RT @bigsmilenoteeth: In this age of fake news, April fool's has lost its novelty.

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If anyone finds themselves in LA, you need to check out simonbirchman show the14thfactory. It's… https://t.co/u6072ciF96

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RT @TVMoJoe: INTO THE BADLANDS returns with 3.4M viewers. Among A18-49: 1.4 rating, beating every scripted show on b'cast Sunday night

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RT @IntotheBadlands: Ally or enemy? Don’t miss the #IntotheBadlands Season Premiere TONIGHT at 10|9c. https://t.co/0BNuciLWIR

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So as you guys know i very rarely push anything on my social media but i gotta intro you all to this awesome mask. @aeybeaut is one of the first masks I've tried that i instantly saw brightness in my skin! I've been using it twice a week and it really helps my skin detox from all the makeup and pollution. It's 100% natural, and vegan and the absolute best part is it's cruelty free. Woot woot!! Thanks Vivian!! #AEYBEAUT #AEY

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RT @ShaunKing: A lie. A flat out lie. All this man does is lie.

113 of the 122 prisoners were released Republican George Bush.

That's 9…

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So. Extremely. Over excited. #hitscoachelladesertcircuit #horseshorseshorses #truepassion https://t.co/0WSPLxapb3

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Happiness #hitscoachella #horses #nextyearwillbemyyear https://t.co/sqoyNzBdaw

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