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RT @AkilahObviously: What if current Kanye West is a marketing stunt by Taylor Swift?

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@ChadWingerd Wow! Congratulations!!

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RT @heiditron3000: He’s a cantankerous old sea captain who eats every pen in the office. She’s a stubbed toe who sees something mildly inte…

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RT @DEADLINE: ‘Into The Badlands’ Debuts Season 3 Trailer; Cast & Creator Talk Show’s Inclusivity – Wondercon https://t.co/NWiaq7yMlY https…

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RT @danielwuyanzu: #intothebadlands is heading to #WonderCon! Come check out our panel with me and Nick Frost… https://t.co/bZyp75JJ22

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Yay! An awesome win in the 1m Championship at The Cavan Equestrian Centre in Ireland on the newest addition to the Wu family, Khaleesi M (aka Chip or The Chipmeister or Chippypoo or Chipster or...ok I’ll stop.) Thanks so much to John Carey and Baskin Sport Horses for putting up with my shit! #kardelsourced #winnerwinnerchickendinner🏆 #horseshowlife #irishsporthorse

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Wtf?!? We actually need a law for this??? Isn’t that just decent human behavior to NOT put a live anything in the o… https://t.co/Ub1MuaXFjB

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RT @theyearofelan: It totally blows my mind that there are adults who are mad at students for peacefully assembling and simply asking the g…

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And this week at HITS Coachella on my baby boy Odie, aka Ravenswood, having a dream round. Thanks so much Diane Yeager and Sara Marchant! #kardelsourced #hitscoachella2018 Westhaven Farm

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Last week at HITS Coachella on Eomair doing the jumper thing. Thanks @westhavenfarm_ca and @lakardel for holding my hand through my fear. #kardelsourced #njeq #unicorn #savedmyassinmultiplerounds

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