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The Fast and the not so Furious peeps with nice cars.. - Msian Version

Hey y'all!! How are you guys doing? Will be on shoot tomorrow with Jo Mama Productions! Starting from Shah Alam to Seremban to Malacca and to JB with 60 SUPERCARS!! Yes, 60! We're talking about.. Lambos, Ferraris, Aston Martins, Maseratis, Porsches baby. I can't say much.. but will let you know how it goes!...psst.. wave if you see 60 Supercars on the highway!Managed to get a couple of shots on my Blackberry.Read more

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Hello MAY!!

A MONTH OF POSSIBILITIES! THAT'S RIGHT!Isn't it grand? Here's the link to the upcoming webseries that I've blogged about a couple of months back. It will be aired very, very soon: http://klik.tv/  I'm very excited about it!  Just came back from a theater show at PJLiveArts : God of Carnage - starring Lina Teoh, Will Quah, Maya Tan Abdullah, Megat Sharizal, directed by a very good friend of mine David Lim! Wonderful performance! Last show tomorrow, so if you're in town..please....Read more

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the BEST workout??

What is theworkout? Any suggestions? Today, I'm going to fuse ballet, contemporary dance, body balance and weights! Hopefully, there's a game of badminton tonight! Alright. Let's do this. 

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Yo yo yo! Ken comes to town

Yes! A script read tomorrow for my upcoming short film project with Ken Kwek, the gorgeous Joanne Kam and Ollie Johanan. If you've read my previous entry - it's for a series of short film entitled The Buttery Surface that we'll be filming in Singapore this coming June.OH HAPPY DAY! FINALLY! 

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addicted to socrates

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Wazzaab Singapore

First up, I would like to thank a very, very generous friend of mine - Alex! Appreciate the JIMMYEATWORLD concert tickets! Oh yeaah.. we were rockin' out to some oldskool punk rock on a Friday night! Read more

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Johnnie Walker - The Black Circuit Lounge Event

I just received TWO invites to the most exclusive event of the year, courtesy ofTHE BLACK CIRCUIT LOUNGE![](/attachments/2011/03/31/18/97964_201103311849231.thumb.jpg)Can't wait! One lil break won't hurt....right? Tis the end of another month! Goodbye March and hello April! Hey ho to April's FOOL - me. I hope I won't be a silly folly-fool and fall for someone's trickery.Wonder what is installed for me in April... hopefully, something in theat...Read more

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CNN Freedom Project

The CNN Freedom Project

This year CNN will join the fight to end modern-day slavery and shine a spotlight on the horrors of modern-day slavery, amplify the voices of the victims, highlight success stories and help unravel the complicated tangle of criminal enterprises trading in human life.htt...Read more

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PC.COM + Art or Brainfart

What tech gadget can I not live without? off the top of my head... my.  Would love to get an E-book someday tho.  hmm... I can say I'm pretty good with computers - using them, fixing them and I spoil them rotten.. can't say the same thing about my... I've dropped it a few times, there are a few dents here and there but nevertheless still working like new...sometimes. Here's a sneak peek of an interview I did for PC.COM (Malaysian IT Magazine)Read more

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A snippet from a Movement piece directed by Edith Podesta in 2007.Cast members include both acting (my class!) and musical theater students '09 of LASALLE College of the Arts. One of the BEST productions that I've ever done in school and I'm so honored to have been taught by such an inspiring and brilliant lady.  Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1IOBob1oj-o

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Where there is love, there is life. - Gandhi PORN MASALA won the Audience Choice Award at the Gotham International Film Festival in New York and was official

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