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As a single parent -my new little baby arrived

it is little, fragile, looking around hoping all will embrace its arrival.

Love, Joy, Hope and Lots of endurance and  praying,

Finally it sees the world with its own little eyes,

will the world be critical when it grows older???

pls take a look of my baby,

i m a single parent looking for all the support and care you can give.

Its name 3 letters  W O W

One thing I learned from San Deigo Zoo, Live WEB on the Panda.

so here it is, Live @ Read more

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Secret Life of a small time tv producer

Whether someone's brilliant not = he's get what he wants.

This is a true secret life of a small time producer with a good  honest heart!

I had such a big laughs realising the facts of life from him.



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to the Fullest...............today

Manytime we wrote, 'May someone live life to thier fullest'

or how i wish I could live my life to the fullest.

Many would think, it's bcos of the type of work, where we live, decide whether  such an

idealoligy is achevable.

I had tasted live life to the fullest today, this whole day since i woke up til this moment.

It's a phone call, XL Tim Horton Coffee , Raisin Bagel Toasted with light cream Cheese,

Vsiting Mama and a longtime female friend.

I had a 8...Read more

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analyzing my incident

2 days, ago, i was in the midst of a very worrisome situation.

less than 2 days later, as mentioned in my last writing, i m happy again.

Therefore,I'd like to do an aftermath of myself from the incident.

Stress comes from:-

1)unknown factors, with those unknown in front of us, we dont just think about the unknowns,we start imagining and simulate different scenarios, i cornered myself in those created worse than worse scenarios. i become gloomy.

2) preparing myself the point of impact like a co...Read more

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happy again

Up and Down,

Hidden and Turns,

within 24 hrs,

sleeping well again,

I'd to tell myself,i must learn from all these and apply the next time cos there are bound to be.

each time better.

Happy again.

thanks.......u, u, u and you.............................YOU

prayers does work.


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weakest moment

that is something i m experienceing right now,

i was sleepless all night..........

not my personal things........

rather lots of things.....

principles.....................follow through.............let it go...........

speak up.........keep quiet..........

tell the whole truth..........

or wait........be patient see things unfold itself..........


pls pray for me if u believe in prayers........cos I do need His true guidiance.

I would want my heart to...Read more

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SLumDog Millionare


SLumdog Millionaire = a movie = not just a movie =what's tragic not = tragic =

each unsolved puzzle @ time x (x = anystage =anytime) = answers to time y ( y = not x , after x =

sometime in future) = bitter = sweet =impossibility = possibitlity = hope = joy

go see the movie, u feel better.


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sometimes when we use such a word,

Maybe I could find someone better,

Maybe this unkind situation will not last,

Maybe for now i settle with him/her first..........Maybe when i find another i then..........

Maybe is an equation of 'dis-satisfactory' of present Plus not living fully of today.

Imagine just 'Maybe' what U r having now,

Health ,family, job,wealth, opportunities, he, she, Luck..........is what U got and that's it.

Day after day, assuming something different,...Read more

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a Great Day +

a wonderul moment.

that sums up my entire night.

Have you ever had this kind of experience where u cant pin down in words to desrcibe,

Something long before the actually happenings,

something no one thinks possible yet you know it can be done.

JUst like that. U almost can see the relaisation the time the idea first incept.

And it happend the way when you first imagined it way way back,

I had one tonight. It became a reality.

Cant share them with my limited vocabularies, so pls use ...Read more

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Good Morning

are the 2 words that I was thinking of blogging on today,

cos that's the time I had ,

manythings on my mind, that i'd seen,had happened, thought of..........

so much to share but at the same time....so little time.....

tied down by work.......i do enjoy my work....but not at all costs.

What's my most desried lifestyle........??I asked my quite frequent lately....

what's yours???

That determines what I chose over........

if I had all the desired work i wanted .....i s...Read more

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a journey of feeling content. Everyday i pray this little prayer sometimes with my eyes closed sometimes not..... let me be real let me be honest let m


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November 15, 2008