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i think from time to time , one must learn to find time to do nothing,

so both mentally n physically can be emptied from the ever tiring routinal work.

I was in bad mood  yesterday ,

but today i m fine.

I guess one must try to find meaning in things we enocoutered,

things we do, things occured randomly.

sometimes we actively involve in meaningful activities,

like my daughter asked me to spend an afternoon with her and her best friend shopping,

she said in case she liked anything i can pay for it!

I liked the idea. The activitities itself could be menaingless...

to me...it makes a lot of sense.

Sometimes we r too stuck, too consumed in our own thinking process....

if we want to be lifted

we have to actually go out and do some unwantued activities to get oursleves going.

When we can first  break out ffrom our normal comfort zone...

strech it....it will at the end benefit ousleves.

Try do the non make sense suff...then things becomeing making sense.

These few blogs that I wrote , i felt like I was whining,

dragging and boring people who read it.

I guess this is the real me and the realness of life.

Life is full of ups n downs and flat liners......bored.

treat them equally i guess everything would be fine.

I m hoping to get myself in doing exercise and eating more porper starting tomoro,

June 1st is my start date..fail or successful...let u know later,

i will first go C 'Drag me to Hell' myself then after which to 'UP' with daughter....

that is a typical sunday for me.

Bought myself a new air of shoe sandal. Yeah, i m happy. they r $79.99 wow

that was exensive.

But they are the kind of my shoes that I liked deep down. Lazy kind.


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I can't wait to see UP it is supposed to be really cute in 3D! What are air of shoe sandals???
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a journey of feeling content. Everyday i pray this little prayer sometimes with my eyes closed sometimes not..... let me be real let me be honest let m


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