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After 1.5 long yr....after a long promise to myself.

I pick up my feet and start walking....just like Forrest Gump,

 just that..I started walking.

Discoveries in a line or 2

everyone has a will, and it's easy to genearte a good will anytime,

but we have tons of reasons, de-EXercising(prohiting)(U talked your way out of) that will.

with full knowledge the will meant well.

Reason, habits, we are so used to our routines, no one wants to do any different in a nutshell.


I wish I had ro walk this path with me,

i wish someone could lunch or dine with me......

u know what...when U think about it....

U had, I had that someone...those soemones who'd lunched and dined with you,

the reasons they parted....we parted....words cant describe,

but it's all good...all for better...not bad reasons..


As much as we might be complaining about this life i m living right now....

yeah...this current situation i m living...

But deeper down, we know, well at least i know....

this life is a much better life than many....for that....i can smile about.

All discovered in only 1 walk.

We all owed it to oursleves.....that long promised walk all by yourself.

take care,

u could stop, u could choose, u could stop giving excuses or reasonings........

if we cant...it's actually not the life we wish for....



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a journey of feeling content. Everyday i pray this little prayer sometimes with my eyes closed sometimes not..... let me be real let me be honest let m


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November 15, 2008