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World Health Organization appoints Jet Li as Goodwill Ambassador|世界衛生組織任命李連傑為親善大使 |世界卫生组织任命李连杰为亲善大使

03 APRIL 2009  - GENEVA -- World Health Organization (WHO) Director-General, Dr Margaret Chan has appointed international film star Jet Li as WHO Goodwill Ambassador.

In his first official function as Goodwill Ambassador, Mr Li will attend the launch of the World Health Day in Beijing on 7th of April. He will help spread the World Health Day message of making hospitals safe during emergencies.

Jet Li is expected to use his world wide celebrity ...Read more

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Returned to Sichuan with Versace | 與壹基金團隊,范思哲重返四川|与壹基金团队,范思哲重返四川|One Foundation, Versace 四川省を訪問

http://www.tudou.com/programs/view/cTjhgQh4W-o/ http://www.tudou.com/programs/view/TshzL8inzIE/ In November 2008, Jet Li, his One Foundation Team and Versace’s team went to visit the disaster zone in Sichuan. They visited the One Foundation Qiang Ethnic Embroidery Support Center, the Aba Prefecture Children Wel...Read more

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McCann Erickson takes on Jet Li One Foundation|McCann Erikson 擔負李連傑壹基金計劃|McCann Erikson 担负李连杰壹基金计划

HONG KONG - The Red Cross Society of China Jet Li One Foundation Project (Jet Li One Foundation) has tasked McCann Erickson Hong Kong as its communications partner throughout China and Asia. by Benjamin Li    9-Mar-09, 10:58BBDO Shanghai works with the Foundation and McCann Erickson is now also working on a non-profit basis and is only charging for actual and third party costs. 

McCann will work on the Foundation’s core branding and campaign strategy an...Read more

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Ferrari Auction Charity Gala for 2008 China Global Philanthropy Forum|2008年中國全球公益慈善論壇 法拉利慈善拍賣酒會|2008年中国全球公益慈善论坛 法拉利慈善拍卖酒会

From October 17th, 2008 Friday

On October 16th, Jet Li attended an auction charity gala dinner hosted by Ferrari and the One Foundation in support of the 2008 China Global Philanthropy Forum, kicking off the partnership between Ferrari and the One Foundation. 

As part of the "One Foundation, One Family" idea, Ferrari is in Shanghai not only due to its strategic locale and fashionable demographic, but also becaus...Read more

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Clinton Global Initiative Asia 2008|克林頓全球倡議2008年亞洲峰會|克林顿全球倡议2008年亚洲峰会

(photo courtesy of Clinton Global Initiative)

On December 3rd in Hong Kong, Jet Li spoke as part of a panel addressing post-disaster relief at the first ever Clinton Global Initiative meeting in Asia. Other panelists were: Anthony Banbury, Regional Director, Asia, UN World Food Programme Jaime A. FlorCruz, Bureau Chief, CNN Beijing Jiang Li, Vice Minister of ...Read more

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Jet Li at the Davos Forum|李連傑參加達沃斯論壇|李连杰参加达沃斯论坛

Jet Li made a video clip to introduce the One Foundation at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland:

For more videos from the Davos Event:


                                                        |                       在瑞士達沃斯舉辦的世界經濟論壇上,李連傑為我們介紹了"壹基金",欣賞視頻:


  Read more

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One Foundation - Launch of the CMB One Foundation Affinity Credit Card|壹基金 - 招商銀行壹基金愛心信用卡正式發行|壹基金 - 招商银行壹基金爱心信用卡正式发行

Caring Creates a New Style of Charity, China Merchant Bank Joins the One Foundation Family  

-- The China Merchant Bank and One Foundation Affinity Credit Card is Officially Announced in Shanghai. 

[December 9, 2008] Soon after Jet Li’s One Foundation was honored with the “China Charity” award, presented by the Chinese Civil Administration department at the Red Cross Society of China, Jet Li’s One Foundation and China Me...Read more

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Time Magazine: The Liberation of Jet Li|時代雜誌:李連傑的解放|时代杂志:李连杰的解放

http://www.time.com/time/magazine/article/0,9171,1862595,00.htmlAfter being on the cover of Time magazine in 2002, Jet Li was honored again for his charitable deeds in China’s May 12th earthquake. Jet Li’s One Foundation raised $13.7 million in July and donated most of the fund to...Read more

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The Tsunami That Changed My Life - Newsweek Article|改變我生命的那一場海嘯 - Newsweek文章|改变我生命的那一场海啸 - Newsweek文章

http://www.newsweek.com/id/161054/page/1 The Tsunami That Changed My Life A famous Chinese actor almost lost his children during an island vacation. His world view changed, and he started a foundation dedicated to disaster relief. By Jet Li | NEWSWEEK Published Sep 27, 2008

From the magazine issue dated Oct 6, 2008

...Read more

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Jet Li on NBC's 'Today Show'|NBC"Today Show"報道李連傑的短片|NBC"Today Show"报道李连杰的短片

        |美國主流電視臺NBC最受歡迎的新聞節目"Today Show"報道李連傑的短片

|美国主流电视台NBC最受欢迎的新闻节目"Today Show"报道李连杰的短片 |

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