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new web address

eat, write evolve has moved! and under new name, Bite Size Words


see you there!

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street market sunday

>On a sunny Sunday afternoon, i find myself wondering a street market in Causeway Bay not too far from where i live. The hustle and bustle of the market is at first very overwhelming, but i grab my camera and get to work... 

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Hong Kong Adventure Begins

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Surf City Nights

Surf City Nights:main st. hbkillarney's fish tacos/boba chow mein king

 Tuesday nights in Huntington Beach brings Surf City nights, full of food, bands, shops, and more. Since moving to Huntington, my bf and i have never missed a night. Some cold, and some hot,...Read more

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Salsa Sunday

Sunday has arrived and i want to introduce something new here at Eat, Write, Evolve. Salsa Sundays. And it goes a little something like this. Now of course I enjoy my fair share of tacos, burritos, taquitos, & chips; but  i have to say there's a small place in my heart for the salsa. Whe...Read more

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friday farmer's market

h.b. main st. farmer's market

photo by jessIn huntington beach (my wonderful new home city) warm weather usually means bikinis, biceps and bronzer.

this girl however enjoys what else it brings, a wonderful day at the farmer's market; which is nestled b...Read more

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Quick N' Easy Shrimp with Bok Choy

photo: jess when i get a rare night to myself, you better believe i'm cooking up some favorites. tonight's dish: shrimpies, bok choy, and brown rice...

Brown rice cooked in rice cooker for 35 min, once that button pops and the rice is done, REMOVE ...Read more

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a very berry morning

photo: jesswith over a month of anticipation, my very first strawberry has come about. Although it was gone in only a bite, i can now scratch off having a garden my bucket list.Read more

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July 1, 2008