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Time for some Spiders

A few of my 8-legged friends. They are getting almost fully booked for Halloween :)Read more

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My new FB page loaded with animals

Just got my new facebook page. Fully loaded with animals! Please LIKE and SHARE!http://www.facebook.com/goatee.toni.cosby

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My Snakes at Triston's Circus crawling over 200 celebrities shoulders

We were invited to a fine private party at Grand Hyatt ballroom yesterday.

Our critters have made friends with 200 celebrities and crawling around their shoulders. Blondi the albino python has become their favorite guest! The celebrities were all nice and taking good care of our animals.

My snakes have crawled over the cel...Read more

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From Big Game Tragedy in Ohio to Legal Killings in HK

Merely a month after the fire that kills 3,000 high-end top quality snakes in a reptile facility in Colorado, now there is another heart breaking loss in Ohio.

R.I.P. to the 50 magnificent animals killed. 18 highly endangered Bengal tigers, 17 lions, grizzly bears, gray wolf, mountain lions, chimpanzees, a baboon and more were shot to death by the Sheriff's deputies of Zanesville, Ohi...Read more

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Goatee Toni on Nokia commercial (updated)

Goatee Toni handling Rosy the beautiful spider girl shows up in Nokia E7 TV commercial for 4 seconds.Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AUMoDK9X4v4

This is the German version. There are a lot other amazing shots taken that will probably be on other upcoming versions.Now its a shot from the English version :)Read more

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Sugar gliders mating

For humans the season of love might has passed. But for our animals the season of love has just begun.

Tonight we heard noises from the small mammals room and luckily found a pair of sugar gliders getting to mate. After a long rest since last year, two of the young adult males are mature now and started fighting for a girl. This is the dominant male who won the battle and then could not wait to start a vigorous mating, successfully.

Read more

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Quake damges Japan, people and animals

This massive 8.9/9.0 magnitude Japanese earthquake shows once again how powerful natural disasters can be. I wish our friends and everyone in Japan all the best.

From the news we get an idea of how bad the damage is to people. There will probably be not much information about that of wildlife but I guess the damage to Japanese animals would not be any smaller.

Japanese wildlife might not be so well known as the Chinese or Australian ones, but from my knowledge Japan has a pretty good variety of spe...Read more

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Tarantulas eat ALIVE

If you find having a tarantula crawling over your hand hair-raising, you’ve gotta see them eat to scale up your feeling.

Tarantulas are predators. In the wild when the hunger comes they will prey on almost everything smaller- insects, geckos, tree frogs, and even venomous snakes. The way they hunt is fascinating. Unlike other spiders tarantulas don’t spin web. Instead, they capture prey on their own by their speed and power. Fangs are located underneath so they will swiftly move on top of the prey, bite, and eat.

Read more

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Happy Bunny CNY 2011

CNY is nothing for us..

anyways it's good to say happy new year twice a year!

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Alien was born before 2011

Ok so this is one of our Madagascan hissing cockroaches (Gromphadorhina portentosa). I just found her about to molt. For first time viewers it’s reasonable you have no clue what the ivory white bug with jet black eyes is. They look strange when they have become white because being dark seems to be typical of roaches.

A lil bit facts of this big bug. The hisser is native to Madagascan...Read more

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