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Back from training a husky today, and success! The people did the homework, and the dog is under control! A really cool family - husband from belgium, wife from italy, two little girls and a (once was-crazy) Husky. It's funny and also quite rewarding to help people and see changes within (what i think) is a short period of time. In this one, 4 weeks - dog no longer drags people down the street but walks nicely on the side - once the 'terror' of the community and management complaints... what really made me smile was the husband said he can now go running with the dog because before that would be impossible... And to see the dog so gentle around the kids and in the house well, it's like when something heavy has just been lifted off your shoulder... for them, not just for me.

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Thanks. But most of the work is done by the owners ;) I just guide them with something I know, and it goes from there!
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