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So my daddy just came to Shanghai to visit, and just left....

Haven't seen him in 2 years which is pretty much the longest time I've been 'away'.  With the power of information/skype/msn however, it seemed like I was never really gone from anything in the first place.

So he came to see one of my training sessions (his first) - 3 tiny mini-daschunds - he was more surprised than the owners of how quick the doggies changed and was happy to see for himself at how much I enjoy what I do - and also fascinated at how the client have had their dogs sleep in their bed for.... 10 years!

Meanwhile, my Honey in England had the coolest day in our lives so far: we are expecting.........

YAY! So happy, so excited.... long legs!

(I've only told my dad and bro so far.... well, now - AnD!)

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hee hee thanks!
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