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Work work work~it has been a hectic week for team rice, 4 deadlines this week and the worse part is that all these crap happens while we were in the middle of  redesigning and updating our studo HP, but at the end everyone lived though the week and some of us who worked overnight was lucky enough to find some left over pizza in the fridge and NBA play off on TV ~ so ya'll remember to come check out the new and updated 2009 Studio Rice website.


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New toy and more kicks

While I was in Taiwan I picked up few treats for myself couple design books, a magazine futures Yonehara and a PSP3000, I have to say this PSP is also my desperate attempt to keep my sanity in China, the purpose of this thing is to help me block out the noisy shanghai while I travel, unwanted noise like people yelling,people talking (which most of the time also sounds like yelling to me), people talking on the cell phone (yes they yell), people argue (again more yelling), stupid muther f*&$er who honks like theres no tomorrow for n...Read more

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Money is back~

What up boys and girls~ just got back form Taiwan, another short but priceless vaction wif family & friends. I enjoyed walking on clean street with out garbage, I enjoyed people saying thank you and be nice to eachother. I enjoyed these stress free 13days and coming back with less anger and bitterness in me. yeaaaaah

Also had the chance to drop by my home boy Cash's Hot Dog joint (Gusto Street hot dog). my man build the place all by himself, classic rock all the way from the wooden floor to the heinz katchup! so if you ever ge...Read more

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Sleep walking fail....

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bHXj3qgFs_k

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More eye candies from Sugarcoat

We have Monica back for this Sugarcoat photo shoot again, she has been a real sweetheart, this is like the 4th time we work together. she was also part of our Sugar & Cream model crew,  some of those S&C pictures will be shown here later, (once I finish adding design to them, and judging form my work load right now, its gonna take a while...sorry guys)

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For 1626 magazine

1626 x Studio Rice x Model's vision x Sugar & Cream

Here is a sneak peek at the design we did for 1626 magazine, we really hit it off well so expect bigger and sillier collaboration from us in the near future. and it took Daniel a full hour to fill up that blow up beer bottle by mouth, I have never see anyone blow so hard.

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Noodle named after me or am I named after a noodle?

After 32 years I was finally immortalize by a noodle, a shoe would be nicer but I'll take the rice noodle.

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A late Xmas merry and a early New year blessing~

Sorry for the lack of updates, been super busy with the launch of my Tank Mates offical website, (anyone whos into fish/animation/design might want to check it out http://www.tankmates.net) and other bunch of design work that I had to get done before new year, on top of all that, I am in the middle of moving to a new apartment. so my life has been pretty chaotic lately.... I did however get alot of mails asking for more updates about my evil dog Sho Sho. ...Read more

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Counting down for Tank Mates~

It's the end of 2008! that means xmas is coming, the original plan is to launch the offical "Tank Mates" (AKA the fish project) website before xmas, and its almost xmas and we are still not done!! ok I admit me being a perfectionist doesn't really help the case, I guess to some degree I am starting to over thinking it, ppl keep telling me lets just finish the damn thing! because it's pretty cool already, and you'll still have chance to make it better as you go. so after lots of COFFEE + O SLEEP + MORE C...Read more

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Meet Sho Sho~ my evil Dog (Don't be fooled by his cute outlook)

Seeing that everyone is posting their beloved dog's pictures on their blog, I thought I would share my dog's picture with yall. This is "Sho Sho", he's in Vancouver, and he has taken over the control of my house, and uses my mother as his personal slave... Sho Sho is evil.

看到大家都把自己可爱的狗狗照片贴上博客. 我也来晒下俺家自私自利,无理取闹,目中无人,叛逆自大的恶魔 "咻咻". 此狗目前在加拿大已经占据了我家然后将我妈当奴隶使唤....

人要流行 狗要潮 输人输阵不输面

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This is Money welcome to my world of silliness~ 胡搞是一种态度啦,耍白痴更是一种精神~ http://www.studiorice.com http://www.moko.cc/charliechien/ http://t.sina.com.cn/charlie

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