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Taiwan trip snap part 1

Just got back from taiwan, its always good to see family, catch up with friends and eat till you explode. Here are some random snaps~ PS: my heart goes out to all the ppl who are still suffering from the flood that caused by typhoon. :(


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Whats really going on at those ChinaJoy

My producer is visiting from beijing, and told me there is a ChinaJoy going on in shanghai, and suppose to be one of the biggest video game show in China...which then later he drag me to the show, I had been to few so called video game/animation show in China in the past and to be honest I wasn't impressed, unless you are into battery charged toy cars, cheap Telescope, pirated  cartoon products, and over priced softdrinks.

How ever according to a trust worthy source (my producer) there will also be loads o...Read more

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Interview for Hip Hop 2 China

An small online interview I did for Hip Hop to China TV. unleash the silliness~

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Bible Skateboard + Charlie Chien

Here is the new series I designed for Bible skateboard. 4 days turn around time. it turned out ok :) in stores next month.

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More snaps

Here are some of the shots I snaped for Star Cable company when I was in Sichuan, which we will be helping them with some branding stuff later. I am looking forward to use these as part of the upcoming design package.

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For CITY FUTURA Singapore

Here is parts of the branding brochure we did for City-Futura property management company from Singapore, nothing silly about these I'll say.

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10 mins of crappiness

There is a logo I did for me friend, who needed one in a hurry, so here is the best crap I can come up in about 10 mins hahaha

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I can show you...but then I have to kill you!

Been doing some skateboard design on a short notice. really short notice....had to do 4 design in less then 4 days...all in all I got the sample from the Bible skateboard yesterday and it looks ok, but I can't show it to anyone or post it on my blog before they hit the shelf next month. instead you can all just look at this caricature I did for my friend Mei...sorry Mei you are on display cause I have nothing else interesting to show haha...

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Yone x Reach Shanghai show

YONE  X  REACH Finally somthing worth going to, I am a big fan of Yone's work and we have been friends on myspace but some how I keep missing his show, well hes coming to me this time, aint gonna miss it for the world, also gotta show support for my home boy Reach (a very talented graffiti/graphic artist from Taiwan), The show was great  and everyone was kicking it at the after party. thanks yall!

HWA's Gallery, my buddy Eric's turf

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四川真的很辣 重庆真的很麻

看了N多人的博客都是在说吃的,既然如此本人也用吃的来凑数博客,上周因为拍摄工作去了趟四川,乐山,重庆.受到了及其热烈的招待(热烈到第二天上厕所时还在热烈...) 正忠的重庆火锅真不是盖的 吃几口后嘴唇跟舌头立刻进入麻痹,抽筋,燃烧状态...除了每天肠胃小宇宙燃烧爆发及没玩到熊猫以外,这次四川行非常愉快,对重庆这个城市印象很好,有坡度的地形给整个城市街道建筑独特的层次感.当然还有美女泛滥这个原因~

Every good trip starts wif a good hotel room, and this one is good, thanks Chef ! you know how to take care a brother.

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