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Never settle for second best

I was at a dinner recently and was asked what I do.  I explained that I now work in radio (yes, my occupation status hasn't changed but that's because I still see myself more as a writer-producer than a presenter.)  There's something about telling people that you work in the industry.  For my part, there's always a sense of pride.  I never realised this until I left the industry.  During that brief stint, I hated telling people what I did.  I would do whatever I could to not say.  And now that I'm back, it's like coming home.

So back to this dinner.  I was talking with this guy and as soon as I told him that I worked in radio, he's like, oh, I was once interviewed for a friend's radio show back in France.  He had taken a trip aboard a cargo ship to South America and the interview had been about that.  I thought that was pretty interesting.  And then he added, when we were growing up, we all wanted to be Disc Jockeys so we could play our music on the radio.

And then I asked, what he did now.  There was a pause and he told me he worked in sales and the look of complete disappointment came over his face.

Now I'm not saying those jobs aren't great but it isn't for everyone and I believe that there is something for everyone.  Even when I was working outside media, I always thought, this is a great job and there is someone out there who would love it, but that person isn't me.

I recently had a guest ask me if this was my dream job.  I thought, what a brazen question to ask.  But it got me thinking.

There's a lot of talk of soulmates and dream jobs.  Some might say these are high ideals and you should just take what you can get.  But I've never been one to settle and I'm glad I didn't because I really think I have my dream job. 

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that is an interesting question to ask!
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