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So, I realised that I should probably make my profile work for me a little.

I am the host/producer of a show on RTHK Radio 3 called Connect2.  Every Sunday at 8:30am, I profile a pair about a topic they're interested in.  It's still early days (six episodes!!!) but I really like.  I hope you do too.

To listen to it live, you can check out the RTHK Radio 3 webpage:


...Read more
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Never settle for second best

I was at a dinner recently and was asked what I do.  I explained that I now work in radio (yes, my occupation status hasn't changed but that's because I still see myself more as a writer-producer than a presenter.)  There's something about telling people that you work in the industry.  For my part, there's always a sense of pride.  I never realised this until I left the industry.  During that brief stint, I hated telling people what I did.  I would do whatever I could to not say.  And now that I'm back, it'...Read more

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Blah blah blah...

I've always thought that language is power.  This is unsurprising from someone who was born in Canada to parents who immigrated there.  There are at least 3 languages that you have to learn.  That of your parents and the two official languages.  If you can master those, you're golden.  If you can add more to your roster, then you're flying high.  In high school, on top of the languages I already knew, I was learning Spanish, Japanese and Mandarin.  I don't remember much of my Spanish though I think it sounds a lot like my Fr...Read more

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A voice of my own

I've got my snarky voice on this morning.  I don't know why.  I don't think I'm in a particularly snarky mood.  I think I'm tired.  And when I'm tired, I do away with all the niceties that I normally lace throughout my correspondences.  But I caught myself a few times where even I thought it was a bit harsh.  But I'm not really in the mood to censor or re-write, so the recipients will just have to deal with my tone.

I guess my writing style is a bit different from others.  I tend to write with an emphasis...Read more

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Because you have to start somewhere...

I was reading an article about Tony Parsons and he made a comment about Hong Kong that rings true for many people who find themselves here:  There's a sense of possibility here, a sense of reinvention - people become who they want to be.

I've been asked many times why I chose Hong Kong.  I could have moved anywhere.  I dreamed of moving everywhere but Hong Kong.  People are still shocked that I ended up here.  But it was the easiest route to an adventure.  I was young, I was a coward and I had enough gum...Read more

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