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Let’s just take a minute to appreciate woman and what they sacrifice in order to bring life onto this planet. Our bodies are these incredible temples that transform blood, sperm and tissue into organs, fingers, hearts. We build life within us all while being expected to go on with our lives as normal. Each pregnancy throws us new challenges some are terrifying and some are not but by no means is the journey the same each time. Our bodies grow and become distorted, painful beautiful and we just go on because this is special gift. My first pregnancy I loved my growing body, the second time not so much and this time has had more challenges and changes that I’m overwhelmed at times as to why and how this is all happening. But there is no doubt I love the little soul that is growing within me more than life itself. If you slide across I have posted the same picture as you see here but not retouched. I wanted to share this with you because this is pregnancy. My veins in my legs and all over my body have become so inflamed that they now protrude and throb constantly and I have had severe blood noses from the pressure of the blood flow through my body. I think people rarely show these things to others but it’s important to do so, so that others don’t feel so alone. I had never heard of these things happening so it was very frightening at first. At present I don’t feel beautiful looking at my legs and other parts of my body I don’t dare to mention looking all veiny and swollen like this. I’am human after all but I’am very proud of what my body can do and I’m proud of what all other woman go through too. So to all the Mummies out there you are beautiful and fucking amazing! And to all the Hubbys that still look at their wives while pregnant like mine and remind them they are beautiful everyday I salute you too xxx

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