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Back to work, back to reality but no need to get back to bad eating habits. It’s a new year so let’s give our bodies a chance to reset and revive. I’m giving everyone 20% off all @geniejuicery online juice cleanses this month. Happy New Year 🎉🎉🎉

Promo code: NY2018GJ Duration : Order from 5-31 Jan 2018, get deliveries from 8 Jan 2018 to 2 Feb 2018. Get 20% off, only for juice cleanse packs terms and conditions apply WWW.GENIEJUICERY.COM

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@vestiaireco, @MOlandmarkhk #LandmarkMandarinOriental #vchongkong #LMOxVC @globetrotter1897

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Luxury vintage shopping, spas, dinner in bed and the use of these beautiful vintage bags for the weekend. And precious SLEEP!!!!!! The @mo_landmarkhk cross over staycation experience with @vestiaireco is a pretty perfect way to spend this rainy weekend!

@MOlandmarkhk #LandmarkMandarinOriental #vchongkong #LMOxVC @globetrotter1897 📸 @jespermcilroy

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Tonight it’s a bit of work and a bit of play (or should I say REST) at a staycation at @mo_landmarkhk and despite my pure exhaustion I’m still missing these 2 already 🙈

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This year I want to travel more with my family ..... now the fun part is dreaming of where to go.

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Kids are back at playgroup today and I would be lying if I said I wasn’t slightly filled with joy right now haha 😂

@shawnkei @lanecrawford

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Saying goodbye to you has always been my least favorite thing to do 😢 See you in July Daddy, love and miss you already

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Check my darling friends brand @basicsforbasics for beautiful eco products from around the world including her own brand Basic for Basics which has awesome tees for every occasion ❤️ Always support local!

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Goodnight xxx

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