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It’s been awhile since I last blogged. I have been on holidays in Australia and trying to live it up. But, wherever I went I brought the bad weather with me. The week before I had left, it had been raining in Hong Kong continuously. I thought I might have more luck where I was going, but didn’t hold much hope as it was Winter in Australia now.

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I landed in my hometown of Perth and for the next week it rained non-stop. I hung out with friends and got to see all of my biggest fans. I got to see some movies, even saw Kung Fu Panda again, like promised. I was stuck inside most of the time, and with no wheels, getting around Perth is almost impossible. It doesn’t have a great transportation system like in Hong Kong. I was dying to see The Dark Knight and saw it on opening night. It was great, but more about that later.


I had planned to visit my parents in Broome and I thought that I timed it really well. But, there was a really big Rugby game on between The Wallabies and The Springboks the day I was meant to fly to Broome. I missed out and all of my friends said they would have a party before the game in my honour. Ha!


The day I was meant to leave Perth to visit my parents in Broome, more than 2,000 kilometers away, all of the clouds disappeared. I was hoping that my luck would change because I was headed to one of Australia’s tropical paradises, Broome. The temperature would be around 30 degrees Celsius at this time of year and it was great weather for going to the beach. But, the first two days it was colder than usual. :(


Broome is a small pearling and tourist town that has a large indigenous population with a rich culture. The populations swells to over 40,000 because of the Tourist season.


When people ask me if I have been to Broome before I can tell them that ‘I was born there’. (There was only an indigenous baby and myself in the hospital when I was born so there was no way for my parents to take home the wrong baby!) We lived in Broome for a couple of years when I was a baby until later on we moved to a shitty small town, Derby. We moved to Perth just before I started going to school and I grew up there.


While in Broome I lazed on the beach and got some much needed sun. It was great to be able to relax and read a book. And amazingly I got through 2 books in a matter of days. Was I bored or just really into my books? There is not much to do in Broome, but relax. Definitely a place I would like to come back to and retire one day. The only excitement I did get was when Dad’s 4WD got bogged in the sand and we had to dig it out and push the car.


I returned back to Perth for the next weekend and partied with my friends. Though, now I was having withdrawal symptoms from not seeing my girlfriend for so long. I couldn’t wait to be back in Hong Kong.


I’ll leave the rest for another day…

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