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'Sparrow' and 'Hancock'

Well, summers here and we have alot of movies out at the moment to keep you busy. Here are some reviews from the movies I have seen in the last week, from the 'Arty' to the 'Summer blockbuster'.



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‘Sparrow’ is aprefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" /Hong Kongmovie with an interesting plot and set of characters. The story is about a gang of pickpockets who roam the streets ofHong Kong. The movie starts with a sparrow entering the main character’s apartment which is a bad omen for the gang. After that they encounter a beautiful lady from the mainland who turns their world upside down. The movie has some beautifully cinematic locations , from Wanchai andCausewayBaythat you might be able to recognize. I found that the movie lets itself down by trying to be too artistic. There are times in the movie when the story has long pauses in dialogue. At this stage the story is only propelled by the music and the actor’s facial expressions. It was times like these that I really felt the story needed to keep moving and could do without the intended suspense. Despite this, the movie had many humorous elements that made it entertaining to watch.




‘Hancock’ starts out like no other superhero story, with Will Smith acting as your not so average superhero. I think this makes the movie more entertaining. The first half of the movie follows this trend until ‘Hancock’ starts to turn over a new leaf. The transition and inner turmoil the character faces can be hilarious at times, but as ‘Hancock’ becomes more of the superhero we expect him to be, the story starts to lose its flavour. The plot takes an unexpected turn, but then continues back along a predictable path. All in all, it was an enjoyable movie, visually stimulating, light hearted and funny to watch.


Note to self: Don't blog when you have been drinking, otherwise all your Hancocks will turn into Hudson. LOL!

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