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Soler's Julio half nekkid!

Return to K-town

Yesterday we returned to K-town to practice some songs for the recording of our EP. I felt pretty hungover from the night before and only could only mutter a quick 'hi' to Julio who came out to say hello to me, half nekkid.

I am sure I will make alot of girls jealous with this news.

He was looking so buff! Makes me kinda ashamed at my beer belly... and I don't even drink beer. Lol! His body was so bronzed I was going to ask him if he had been to a solarium lately. I guess thats what happens when you can go to the beach everyday.

Well, I am not superfit (or fit even), but I am working on it. Tonight I will play badminton with my friends. A good start I think!

Why were we at K town?

I wish I could say that we were just going to hang out with all of the Soler crew and join them to go the beach on this beautiful day. But we were stuck inside practicing the three new songs we are going to record for the EP.

We only managed to do practice 2 songs in the 7 hours we were there. Peter worked us really hard and I am suprised that my voice held up for so long. He helped us fine tune these songs so that we would be more prepared for our recording. And, the songs are sounding great. We feel much tighter playing these songs now. Next time we play them you will get a big suprise.

Can't wait for our birthday party show. We have had a huge response! The bar is going to be packed out! If you haven't rsvp'd already, please do, as there may not be any tickets left soon. They are selling like hot cakes, or should I say like egg tarts?

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