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Looking for SPONSORS

It has been a long time since I have blogged.

I have been very busy working on the EP. When I got back from Australia I finished the vocals for the last three songs on the EP: Ghouls 'n' Ghosts, Haunted and Gonna Make Love.

The latter is my most favourite out of the three. I was really able to get the kind of voice that I desired. And with the help of Chris B, the song's ending was just like I had imagined. Thanks again Chris for your singing (can I call it that?).

Just like The Masquerade, Ghouls 'n' Ghosts has been tampered with by our Producer, Peter Gorton, giving it a different feel to the live version. Is funny how other people's input can change the dynamics of a song.

With these songs I experimented with many different layers, but sometimes I have to wonder about Peter's choice of my vocals. I get to cringe a little bit in Haunted when I hear the rawness of my voice with no vocal backups, though it does help to express the feeling of the song.

But, that is not it yet. I have put alot more work into it than just singing.

I am financing the EP by myself which can get quite stressful. There are so many costs that I didn't expect that has made the budget blow out of control. Recording + mixing + mastering + production of cds and booklet + artwork + photos + advertising.

In regards to advertising... we could do with any help to promote the show on the 24/10 and the EP. We need any kind of sponsors to help us out. In particular, it would be great to have a beer sponsor for the show so the guests can get some cheaper drinks. But, at the moment... i am having no luck in that area.

We need help. The thing is, I am not a rich man. I am using every last penny I have to finance this.

What happens if we don't sell enough CDs to break even? Noone else in the band needs to worry, except me. Sometimes I think that noone else realises this and it makes me feel alone, with all the world's troubles on my shoulders.

Everything is being completed slowly. The artwork should be finished soon and then we can send the CD to the press next week, to be ready before the big show on the 24th of October.

It's going to be great. I don't want to spoil the suprise now. But, we will have some great bands coming to support us on the night and we really hope as many of you can come down to support us.

More about that later.

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bring it up mate. it is hard and makes you feel stressed, but you ll be proud soon. i will promote in my little entourage of friends, if that can help. C.
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