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Looking for an apartment in Kowloon (peng di la!)

After 3 years living in the New Territories I thought it was time for a change.

I am looking for an apartment to rent in Kowloon (anywhere from TST to Diamond Hill) from the start of September that is around $8,000-10,000 HK dollars. Come on, it's not like I am a rich rock star!

If the apartment block has its own clubhouse I would be willing to pay extra for that.

I would rather go through someone personally, rather than have to deal with a property agent. So, if you think you might be able to help me out let me know. Send me a message or post your details on my wall.

Watch out Kowloon!


about 16 years ago 0 likes  2 comments  0 shares
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dude 8000 bucks ... with a club house ... even you pay extra ..... you had to pull out 5k more easily ... i think the best bet you have is away from tst .. .its not cheap man ... in tst you get really small apratments anywhere from 5k tp 10k ....depending on location but good luck in finding ... i think you will need one near teh mtr station right ... but then there are service aprtments too that you should look at lik ein minden avenue there are a few you might get lucky in tst then there are alot of otehr service aprtments that might get you a club house
about 16 years ago
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The size of the apartment doesn't bother me. I knew I would have to go out much further than TST if I wanted to get a clubhouse. Someone help me!
about 16 years ago


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