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Let's Fight- a gwailo's perspective (part 2)

I think there is something that I need to clarify here.

Just because I said that Cantopop is not my thing doesn't mean I am attacking Hong Kong culture. If you really think that you truly are ignorant. I don't expect you to like the Australian Pop scene. I don't even like it because I don't like Pop music . Despite that, there maybe a few pop songs that I like listening to. I even like listening to some of Joey Yung's songs.

If I am going to a ROCK concert I expect to hear rock music, not pop music. Don't give me duck and call it chicken!

I am not here to suck up to anyone. I am going to speak my mind. Isn't that the kind of world we are supposed to live in today? A world where we can speak freely without fear of persecution.

I am saying this because I don't mean to disrespect anybody. Everyone is entitled to their opinion.

I had a really great time at the show and I am proud to say that I went to the concert. I wear my 'Let's Fight' cap and t-shirt with pride and when I do I think I am the coolest mothf**king gwailo around.

Man Love!

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Paradox din 81 20131002 din 116 edit
yes, let's fight rock!!! BTW. no matter rock, blues, jazz, metal, funk or pop, the thing is... good music will last forever. fuck those pop singers that are popular cos they are good looking but cant sing. HK have alot..haha
about 16 years ago


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