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Let's Fight- a gwailo's perspective

prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /This was the first Let’s Fight that I have attended. All the bands that I came to see were sick! Paul Wong, Soler, Audiotraffic, 24 Herbs and Josie.


With the title of the band show called ‘Let’s Fight’ you would expect that the bands would consist more of the rock kind of genre, with the exception of 24 Herbs. But, I found that apart from the bands that I have mentioned above, the night was filled with artists bordering on what we call ‘Canto Pop’. And, I can tell you right now that Canto Pop is definitely not my thing.


So, for me I found that a part of the night was very lacking in the way of entertainment, though I am sure that a lot of other people there would disagree with me. You guys probably sing these songs at karaoke.


So, what bands think should have been playing this night to make up for it? It would have been nice to have seen more bands from the HK scene. Let’s see… I would have definitely liked to have seen Kolor and Hardpack perform on the night. Why not invite the Far East Movement to come to HK to play? That way we would have not only one hip hop group perform on the night. If we had King Ly Chee then we would be able to cater for the heavier side of things. Anything, but Canto Pop…


My next gripe goes out to the photographer who stood on a stand in front of me when Paul Wong was playing. Really &^*$ing rude! Too bad if you’re too short! If you kept it up mate and didn’t move when I asked you to I would be asking

 to ‘Let’s Fight’.

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well to be fair, Mavis and Shino are from Taiwan, so some of it was in Mandarin. but yeah, not all of it was the 'hard' end of the scale, but to local HK'ers, a lot of the songs they were playing are well known and popular. You gotta focus on bigger acts, especially in this year's shortened format (last years was over two nights and had a lot more diversity in the bands).
about 16 years ago
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ps - i didn't like the ticket /standing area arrangement that much either... better to be like one big area like last year's... but again, its a financial decision.
about 16 years ago
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I totally agree your comment about the standing area arrangement. Shows like this and the Wild Day Out should look to Australia's Big Day Out for their conduct on this matter. Everyone should be equal!
about 16 years ago
This is exactly why I bought a ticket but didn't go. I want to support ROCK music in HK, which last year's LF had plenty of to offset the $ acts they had to have, but I didn't feel like going to a show I knew would just aggravate me. So I stayed home. Yeah, maybe I'm just another opinionated gweilo, but that doesn't mean I have to go listen to stuff I heartily dislike, especially when it's passed off as something it isn't: ROCK. For all it's smug assertions about it being a world city, HK's music scene is dreadful compared to 'repressive' societies like Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, and the PRC. But that's just my opinion...
about 16 years ago
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pps - i actually liked most of the sets at this year's show. i'm not a real fan of the hard hard stuff anyway (and I'm not just saying that cause Soler Twins are so handsome...)
about 16 years ago
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last year there was Qiu Hong and King Lychee... this year nobody replaced them, on the hard side... i was actually just wondering why... C.
about 16 years ago


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