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I have an interview with BC magazine

I haven't blogged for awhile now again because I have been busy promoting the EP Release Party and tying up loose ends. I didn't mean for my last blog to sound so depressing, haha. I am less pressured now because I have realised how much support we have got.

As you may know we joined the Global Battle of the Bands and we didn't pass our heat. Obviously, this was a like a punch in the guts. Especially after so many people complemented us on our performance, I was stunned. But, they were all there to support their friends and their votes went to them. Unfortunately, that is the way the cookie crumbles.

So where were all my friends? Don't I have any friends? Well, a couple of days before the show I realised that many of my friends were not able to come to support. Not their fault though. We have had so many shows lately, I can't expect them to see them all. Despite that, I went to the show and was amazed to find a few fans there to support us, so my confidence grew a little. Later to be snuffed out by Killersoap for the last spot. It was really close too. Killersoap ended up winning the HK final (congratulations Killersoap!), so that makes me feel a little better.

What is more amazing than that is the support we received by so many people even though we didn't get through. We were even mentioned during the Underground Battlefield show on Radio DADA. They said that many people were shocked to find out we hadn't gotten in and even that some bands were relieved to find out that we didn't make it because it was less pressure for them. Wow. That's encouraging too. It's good to know that we are feared and respected. haha. Thanks for everyone's support.


So, we all know I have been looking for sponsors etc... Well, turns out that HKGFM, BC Magazine and Re:Spect magazine have all agreed to be our media sponsors. Also, BC magazine had an interview with me and the article came out today in the Oct 16th issue. It's great! There are some slight errors in the names of the songs and the name of the EP though. Let me clarify them now.

The title of the EP is Fire Bird International. 'Man Love!' and 'Gonna Make Love' has been mispelt. Oops. And, I also I think HK has some of the beautifulest women in the world too! Anyway, here is the link.


Don't forget alivenotdead are our media sponsor aswell. They have been great too! Especially Shan and Patrick.

I have been doing so much promoting of our show, I even stood outside the HK final giving out flyers for the show. haha. But, I have neglected to promote the Underground 69 show enough. Especially, because I know that many people will come to see us the week after on our big day. I am really looking forward to this show, but not sure how it will turn out as I have had a sore throat and chest for the past few days. Too much screaming at the kids. :( I really hope it improves or I we might be having some problems. I say that now, but when I am on stage I seem to always find the voice from somewhere.

Until Underground 69

the show you got to cum to

By the way, we will be debuting a new song. Another reason to worry, only just written some concrete words to it days ago. Haha. It will be lots of fun though. I am just going to adlib if I forget. Ha!

Seeya! :)

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