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F.B.I.'s 1st Birthday party was a hit!!!

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I had the best time last Friday at our Birthday Party show. I am so happy that so many of my friends could join me to celebrate this monumentus occasion.


The Birthday party show that we organized was a big hit and it exceeded everyone’s expectations, even my own. I have to give a big thanks to Archvictor, Jerald and Nice for their great performance on the night! These guys are such talented musicians and really have the passion! Without any one of these guys, F.B.I. would not be the same.


As I mentioned in the F.B.I. blog, one of the best parts of the show was when someone dived into Nice’s lap knocking over the drums and shocking the audience. The crowd participation was at it’s highest and the audience was superb.


I would really love it if we can have more excitement and jumping around at our next show. Not necessarily moshing and pushing eachother over, I mean you can still jump up and down and have a good time without being violent, right?


I can still remember when I was just a teenager and I would go to see my favourite local band, Beaverloop , with my mates. We would always go up the front to show our support and jump around to ‘Shot hole fungus’. We didn’t necessarily mosh, but the crowd was packed in so tight that we could only manage to jump on the spot. I loved it! The sweat… the atmosphere… the girls… the music! It made going to a concert fun.




The reason I mention this band is because I am so happy to say that we already have a large following of fans, just like they did. We packed out the bar with people who came purely to see us. And, if you weren’t able to make it, no hard feelings. There was no more room to spare, lol. Anyway, we will have many shows coming up in the future and we need your support if we are going to last.


Next show will be with Gong Wu @ The Fringe Club on the 11 th of July. Now, its time for you people to lose all of your inhibitions and get lost in the music. F.B.I. is just going to get crazier!


Thanks again to everyone who made this night so special!!!

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i am glad it went great... sorry to miss the event of the year!! C.
about 16 years ago
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sorry we couldn't make it, tokyo needed me!
about 16 years ago


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